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New Taipei City, Taiwan (2014)
Top7 Intelligent Community of 2014
Published Thursday, January 23, 2014 7:00 am

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New Taipei City (NTPC) became the nation’s most populous city with its official creation in December 2010.  Previously, it was a county surrounding the capital city of Tapei, and its geography and history pose special challenges.  NTPC sprawls across the northern tip of Taiwan, with a large hole in its center occupied by the capital.  For most of its history, it served as a mix of bedroom community and industrial zone for the capital, which meant that transportation networks, economic ties and governance focused on flows into and out of the center.  Eighty percent of its population was not born in NTPC and consists of a wildly diverse group of aboriginal Taiwanese, immigrants from mainland China and other Taiwanese cities, and residents from 120 countries.  

Under Mayor Chu, NTPC has worked to unify the new city and create a dynamic economy distinct from that of the capital.  Massive investments in transportation are creating highways and transit lines that, ringing Taipei, connect the city’s 29 districts and more than 1,000 villages.  This is paralleled by communications deployment.  The NTPC government has collaborated with telecom and cable TV companies to make ADSL available to 99% of the population, while speeds of up to 60 Mbps are available to 94% and 4G WiMax reaches 85%.  A network of 12,500 WiFi hotspots provide free service from locations throughout the city.    

Taiwan is a land of industrial parks, and NTPC’s government has succeeded in attracting nearly US$10 billion of investment in eight developments focused on such growth areas as ICT, digital media, biotech, green energy and logistics.   More than 3,000 precision manufacturers now represent an industry output exceeding US$30 billion.  Complementing this physical infrastructure of innovation, the city has promoted the growth of cloud computing both as an industry sector and a solution for government and business.  A wide range of cloud-based apps provide services to citizens and paperless processes for government agencies.  A Money Cloud Program provides SMEs with shared access to IT services to reduce their overhead and increase competitiveness.  A Big Data program for police has led to a 40% reduction in crime and improved response time, allowing a smaller police force to be more effective.  While making ever more efficient use of resources, NTPC is also forging ties that bind this diverse region into a unified whole.  





Photos by Jirka Matousek


New Taipei City In Brief


Labor Force

2052.57 km²

Top Industries
Wholesale & Retail, Manufacturing, ICT, Construction, Tourism. 

Broadband Penetration
83.54% households, 88.9% business, 100% government, 100% education & nonprofit.

Degrees Awarded
Undergrad 13,707; graduate 9,148.

3-Year Job Creation
1,892,287 Gross Jobs (119,139 net), 273,222 depending on ICT.

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