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Taoyuan County, Taiwan (2013)
Top7 Intelligent Community of 2013
Published Wednesday, January 23, 2013 6:00 pm

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Home to the international airport serving Taipei, Taoyuan County is an industrial powerhouse, with more than 24 industrial parks, 44,000 companies and 10,000 factories.

Its employers are strong in logistics, aviation technology, semiconductors and opto-electronics as well as automotive accessories, textiles and foods.  The county is also home to 15 colleges and universities, which graduate 25,000 students every year. 

With the youngest population in Taiwan, the county’s continuing challenge is to ensure that its residents have the skills employers need and that they can prosper in a global market where change is the only certainty. 

It manages a massive effort connecting job-seekers with job opportunities, from employment offices to recruitment events, to fill hundreds of thousands of job opportunities opening yearly. 

To upgrade the skills of traditional industrial workers and the unemployed, it offers vocational training as well as a range of digital literacy programs for all ages.  A new e-learning portal aims to provide every citizen a customized learning environment. 

In 2011, the county introduced English instruction in first grade in its public schools to ensure that young people are fluent in the international language of business.  Taoyuan has also successfully encouraged business and universities to establish research institutions and incubation centers to drive fundamental research and commercialize new developments. 

Broadband underpins this range of developments: the county has built an open-access conduit network for private carriers as well as a chain of WiFi hotspots.  And to build awareness of Taoyuan industries, the county has created a “Made in Taoyuan” brand, which it promotes to its own citizens as well as to markets throughout Asia.






Taoyuan County In Brief


Labor Force

1,220 km²

Top Industries
Manufacturing, wholesale & retail trade, construction, accommodations & food services, education, transportation & storage. 

Broadband Penetration
81% households, 86% business, 100% government, 100% education & nonprofit.

Degrees Awarded
Undergrad 22,005; graduate 10,543.

3-Year Job Creation
922,000 (48,000 net), 94,000 depending on ICT.

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