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How ICF Helps

Contributing to Community Success

All of ICF's programs serve the same purpose.  They help communities adapt to the demands of the Broadband Economy and build prosperous, inclusive and sustainable economies ready to prosper in the 21st Century. 

Communities that go through our Awards process tell us two things about it. They tell us that it was a lot of work to assemble and present the information we require. And they tell us that it was one of the best things they have ever done for their communities. The application for the Intelligent Community Awards gave them the motivation to bring together stakeholders from government, business and institutions.  It drove conversations that had never occurred before - about common goals, shared dreams and collaboration across organizational boundaries.  It gave them a framework for thinking about their future in a way that let them overcome inertia and take action.

What Community Leaders Say About ICF


 What impact has the ICF Awards program had
on your community's development?


What lessons have you learned from the ideas,
and best practices that ICF shares
with communities?


Have you benefited from the relationships
that have grown up among the Intelligent
Communities in ICF's network?


Would you recommend to other communities
that they apply for the ICF Awards program?


More from Community Leaders

https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/clientuploads/Images/Rod-Macdonald-Geelong-100FL.gifIt was a great experience to attend your conference and provided some real inspiration to pursue the aims of an intelligent community.  Geelong has now been scheduled in the rollout of the NBN for September 2013, and it has really given me a new focus to plan ahead for its arrival. Working with your other Australian connection, Ipswich - and Digital Economy Manager, Matt Schulz - has really assisted to begin the planning. Thank you again, John, Robert and Lou. The ideas we have started to pursue, were inspired by the ICF and your vision and support.

- Cr Rod Macdonald, Portfolio for Economic Development, Portfolio for Planning,
City of Greater Geelong, Australia

https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/clientuploads/Images/Hernando-Madero-110FL.gifInnovation is a big word everywhere, but you find little information as to how to actually do it. The ICF Summit, where we listen to ICF's co-founders and communities, is probably the biggest repository in the world of good and fresh ideas to innovate. The vehicle that you provide to stimulate ideas is awesome, and I don't have a doubt as to how much the cities benefit from this exchange.

- Hernando Madero, Consultant,
Government of Mexico City


https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/clientuploads/Images/Steve-Reneker_2012-100FL.gifIn putting program together and expanding SmartRiverside board, collaboration became the key.  Groups weren't collaborating.  But this group brought together educators, administrators, business people, emergency workers to see that their problems and opportunities are connected, the light goes on.  Last year when ICF had medical as one of the key factors: we realized we were not collaborating with our medical community.  Now we are have the medical school and hospital working with the SmartRiverside board, CEO Forum and schools.

Steve Reneker, CEO, SmartRiverside; CIO, City of Riverside

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