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ICF is pleased to acknowledge the many organizations with which it partners on research, events and other programs.  If you are interested in exploring opportunities to partner with ICF, contact us at partnership@intelligentcommunity.org. 

  EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum.  EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, founded in 1986, that brings together the local governments of more than 130 large cities in over 30 European countries. EUROCITIES provides a platform for its member cities to share knowledge and ideas, analyze common problems and develop innovative solutions.  It also gives cities a voice in Europe, by engaging in dialogue with the European institutions on all aspects of EU legislation, policies and programmes that have an impact on cities and their citizens. The EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum provides cities and business partners with a platform for the exchange of good practices and cooperation in ensuring the development of an inclusive Knowledge Society, promoting the modernization of local public administrators through ICT, and stimulating private innovation.
  With more than 9,000 full-time and part-time students, Laurentian University is a mirror of Canada itself. One of only two bilingual universities in the country, it has a significant Native Student population and a growing number of international students. Laurentian is growing beyond the primarily undergraduate institution it once was, having added six new doctoral programs over the past three years. Additionally, the University’s research capacity continues to grow annually, averaging $15 million a year over the past few years. Recently, Laurentian launched the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) in collaboration with government and industry.
https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/clientuploads/Images/NextGen_logo-120.gif NextGen is an annual conference and series of regional roadshows focusing on the development of the United Kingdon's digital infrastructure.  The annual NextGen conferences attracts hundreds of delegates and speakers including policymakers, network operators, manufacturers, service providers, analysts and local decision-makers  NextGen is a production of NG Events Ltd, which produces unique, high quality conferences, events and study tours.
    Ohio University, established in 1804, is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Its five campuses in SE Ohio serve some 25,000 students, including international students from over 100 countries. The University has been cited for academic quality and value by such publications as U.S. News and World Report, America's 100 Best College Buys, Princeton Review's Best Colleges, and Peterson's Guide to Competitive Colleges. The John Templeton Foundation has also recognized Ohio University as one of the top character-building institutions in the country.

Pacific Telecommunications Council.  PTC promotes the advancement and commercial use of information and communication technologies, services, policies, and knowledge, to benefit its members and the people of the Pacific Hemisphere.  To realize its vision, PTC motivates and enables its members to conduct trade in equipment, technologies, and services and to use the power of information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve the quality of life in the Pacific Hemisphere.


The Polytechnic Institute of New York University.  Founded in 1854 in Brooklyn, New York, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University is the metropolitan area's preeminent resource in science, technology, research, and management education. In 1931, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and Polytechnic alumnus of 1898, James Truslow Adams heralded the concept and coined the phrase The American Dream—a pervasive concept in the United States and recognized throughout the world. For 75 years—half of its 150-year history—Poly has been the embodiment of this concept borne of the school itself and has sent tens of thousands of alumni on the path to their dreams. In so doing, we have helped change the world through their accomplishments—accomplishments that include miracle drugs, the fax machine, laser and bar code technology and the lunar module, to cite but a few.

  The New York Technology Council is a New York City-based association dedicated to the furtherance of the technology industry. NYTECH's mission is to help make New York a world-class center of excellence for technology by improving coordination between business, state and local government and academia.  NYTECH conducts regular member meetings at which we present speakers and panel discussions on topics of importance to our members. In addition to our member meetings, we operate several special interest groups on specific topics related to our organizational mission.

Public Technology Institute.   PTI works with a core network of leading local government officials – the PTI membership – to identify opportunities for technology research, share best practices, offer consultancies and pilot demonstrations, promote technology development initiatives and develop educational programming. Through partnerships with industry, federal agencies and other governmental organizations, PTI shares the results of its activities and the expertise of its members with the broader audience of the more than 30,000 U.S. cities and counties.  Through research, focus groups, online discussions, publications, conferences, pilots and demonstrations, and other information sharing vehicles, PTI’s local government and industry members work together to develop and apply technology to the challenges facing communities of all sizes.


World Teleport Association.  Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (WTA) has been the only trade association that focuses on the business of satellite communications from the ground up.  WTA is dedicated to helping teleport operators to improve their operations, develop their markets and grow their businesses within the hybrid satellite-fiber transmission industry.

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