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Underwriting Opportunities with the Intelligent Community Forum

ICF offers four ways to support the mission of the Intelligent Community Forum and enhance the value of your brand among political and administrative leaders of cities around the world.

clientuploads/Images/TitleBox-COE-130.gif Funding the creation of a community story describing the challenges and results of a pioneering project, which shares solutions and best-practice examples with ICF's network of Intelligent Communities.  More
clientuploads/TitleBox-Summit-130.gif Sponsorship of ICF's annual Summit, a three-day gathering of Intelligent Community leaders from 12-15 countries around the world, including classes, interactive discussions and high-profile social events.  More
clientuploads/Images/TitleBox-Pubs-130.gif Supporting publication of white papers, reports and books exploring the many aspects of the Intelligent Community, which are distributed to decision-makers at the community, regional and national levels.  More
clientuploads/Images/TitleBox-Friends-130.gif Providing an unrestricted contribution that helps fund ICF's global work, from research to advisory work and public speaking.  More

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