Dublin, Ohio to Host the World’s Intelligent Communities at the ICF Global Summit

Guests to include leaders from around the world and the Global Top7 Intelligent Communities, one of which will succeed Winnipeg as the 2022 Intelligent Community of the Year

(August 11, 2022, New York, NY & Dublin, OH, USA) – The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), the Institute for the Study of the Global Intelligent Community and the city of Dublin, Ohio, USA will present the 2022 ICF Global Summit: The Future of the Connected Community: The Intelligent Ohio Framework from October 26-27.

The two-day conference will take place at Brick House Blue in Dublin, Ohio and will also be streamed for those unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions. The event will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, and will culminate with the announcement of the world’s top Intelligent Community of the Year for 2022 at the State of Ohio’s legendary Statehouse.

“We had planned to bring the world to Dublin in 2020,” said ICF Co-Founder Lou Zacharilla. “Unfortunately COVID made it impossible. So, we are thrilled to be able to be here for the 2022 Summit. The world’s leading communities, leaders from other cities and towns as well as investors and businesses can visit and learn from this remarkable community which has performed at a very high level for over 10 years.”

“We look forward to hosting the 2022 ICF Summit where the most Intelligent Community in the world will be announced,” said Dublin City Manager Dana McDaniel. “The City of Dublin, Ohio has learned and benefited a great deal from the ICF and the Summit will provide an opportunity to help more communities become more ‘Intelligent.’”

Dublin is a two-time Top7 Community, and has led the Intelligent Community movement in the mid-west United States for fifteen years. Dublin, best known for quality-of-life items such as the Jack-Nicklaus-designed Memorial Golf Course and nearby Ohio State University is also home to more Fortune 1000 companies on a per capita basis than any other American city. Read more about Dublin here: https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/dublin_ohio

Registration for the Summit opens next week. For more information, visit www.icfsummit.com

More about the ICF Intelligent Community Awards Program

Following months of research and submissions from communities around the world, ICF worked with a team of analysts to name the Smart21 Communities of the Year in February at a virtual conference co-hosted by 2021 Intelligent Community of the Year Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. These 21 communities underwent further analysis and evaluation, and seven of them were designated as the Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2022 at the Top7 Conference and Announcement in Binh Duong, Vietnam.

Candidates are evaluated based on six criteria that make up the ICF Method, which provides a framework for understanding all of the factors that determine a community's competitiveness and point to its success in the digital economy.

The Intelligent Community Forum Awards Program concludes in Dublin, Ohio, USA on October 27 during the Intelligent Community Forum’s Global Summit conference, when one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities succeeds Winnipeg as the new Intelligent Community of the Year. The announcement will be made live at an awards ceremony with delegations from Intelligent Communities around the world and international media. For more information or to nominate your community for the ICF Awards Program, visit https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/awards

About the Intelligent Community Forum

The Intelligent Community Forum (www.intelligentcommunity.org), headquartered in New York, is a global network of 185 cities, metro regions and counties with a think tank at its heart and a mission to make everyone’s “hometown” at great place. ICF studies and promotes the best practices of the world's Intelligent Communities as they adapt to the new demands and seize the opportunities presented by broadband and digital technology. To help cities and regions build prosperous economies, solve social problems and enrich local cultures, the Intelligent Community Forum conducts research, hosts events around the globe, publishes books, and produces its high-profile annual international awards program. The Forum sponsors research Institutes in North America dedicated to the study of the movement, and national organizations in Canada and Taiwan, both home to many Intelligent Communities. In 2012 ICF was invited to participate at the Nobel Peace Prize conference in Oslo and in 2014, its model and work was recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which, according to the American government, was "aimed at creating a more flexible and responsive system of workforce development to meet the needs of employers looking to fill 21st century jobs.” For more information, go to www.intelligentcommunity.org/icf_membership. For more details on the Intelligent Community Forum’s recent publications and programs, www.intelligentcommunity.org.

Intelligent Community Forum Contacts
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Intelligent Community Forum
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Matthew Owen
Director of Operations, Intelligent Community Forum
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