Here in Columbus is where a Louisville venture capital firm will launch a small business loan program

Access Ventures' David Taliaferro saw how Kiva loan programs had helped grow Louisville's small businesses from the ground-up. So, the company went shopping to add another city to its repertoire.

Taliaferro, a Kiva Fellow and director of microfinance with Access Ventures, said the firm wanted to implement and support a Kiva program in a city with a growing business environment, something comparable to Louisville. About a year later, the firm will expand its Kiva footprint to Columbus, Ohio.

On Thursday, Access Ventures announced the launch of Kiva Columbus, a small business loan program to help the Columbus business community increase access to capital.

"It's an interesting city because of its access opportunities," Taliaferro said. "It's got a growing entrepreneur scene."

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Victoria Krisman is Interactive Media Specialist for the Intelligent Community Forum.
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