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Seizing Our Destiny

2012s best communities to live, work, grow and prosper in and how they got that way

With a foreword by Suvi Linden, Commissioner, UN Commission for Digital Development

In the 21st Century, the world is very much at your doorstep. 

Because of accelerating advances in information and communications technology (ICT), the global economy is coming to dominate the life of the local community.  It literally throws you into competition with people of similar talents and experience all around the planet.  If your city or town cannot offer the right mix of skills, costs, quality infrastructure and access to markets, its economy will suffer, because ICT frees employers to shop the world for the best deal.  And the “right mix” is not something fixed and immutable – it constantly evolves as poor nations become rich, tastes change and technology upends old assumptions.

But this storm cloud also has a silver lining.  The same ICT revolution that threatens long-established ways of life also offers communities powerful new tools to build a better future.  Communities large and small, in industrialized and developing nations, are finding ways to create prosperity, solve social challenges and strengthen their cultures on a foundation of ICT innovation.  Rather than letting the global economy run roughshod, they are seizing their destinies with both hands and turning legacy into opportunity.   

Inside the Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2012

Seizing Our Destiny tells the story of seven cities that did just that.  They did it in large part by accelerating the pace of innovation in business, government and institutions to keep pace with a more innovative world. In the process, they offer lessons on how to innovate in governing, how to build political will for change, and how to understand and adapt creatively to the demands of the new century.

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Building Intelligent Communities – Book Review
"It's reassuring as a Canadian to read about municipal leaders exhibiting wisdom, commitment and leadership," writes Paul Kennedy in his review of the ICF book, "Seizing our Destiny: 2012's best communities to live, work, grow and proper in – and how they got that way".  The review is in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of IT in Canada.

Seizing Our Destiny: 2012's best communities to live, work, grow and prosper in - Book Review
"So simple, it is brilliant. A small but insightful book."  Reg Nordman of Rocket Builders, reviews the Intelligent Community Forum book and highlights the five key strategies cities need to implement.

The Sunday Breakfast Book Review - "Seizing Our Destiny"
David Brunnen of Groupe Intellex reviews the ICF book and writes, "The book... looks at seven cities that recognize that in order to thrive in the digital economy they must turn legacy into opportunity."

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"This slim volume should be required reading for every local government, every community leader, every local college head or hospital manager and every enterprise (public or
private) with half an ounce of interest in making a more prosperous place."
- David Brunnen, Groupe Intellex

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