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John Jung


 ICF co-founder John G. Jung originated the Intelligent Community concept and continues to serve as the Forum's leading visionary.  Formerly President and CEO of the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance and Calgary Economic Development Authority, he is a registered professional urban planner, urban designer and economic developer. He leads regular international business missions to US, European, Asian, Indian and Australian cities, and originated the ICF Immersion Lab program.  John is a regular speaker at universities and conferences and serves as an advisor to regional and national leaders on Intelligent Community development.  The author of numerous articles in planning and economic development journals, he has received global and Toronto-based awards for his work in collaboration and strategic development and sits on numerous task forces and international advisory boards. 


John Jung spoke at TEDxPiraí, in March 2014. He is a wonderful professional but also an inspiring human being. His speech was filled with new ideas that captured the attention of everyone at the event, talking about different aspects of cities around the world. He made Piraí's community think differently to make things better. It was such a good experience that I’d highly recommend John Jung as a speaker for any kind of event. - Marco Andrade Brandao, TEDxRio

John Jung delivered an extraordinary presentation on the international movement toward Intelligent Communities, the benefits to citizens, and the context cities face in this global movement. He does what few speakers can do: he provides the global context for Intelligent Communities, but he also presents the road map for becoming part of this elite group of cities.  John delivers inspiring talks that alert local communities to the possibilities that await the bold, and the standards to which they are held when they seek to become Intelligent Community leaders. John is more than just an eloquent speaker on a topic he is clearly passionate about; he is an ambassador for the Intelligent Community Forum brand, its goals, and its mandate. - Terence Sooley, Director, Reserach & Conference Production, Strategy Institute

Waterfront Toronto’s journey towards an Intelligent Community started in June 2004 at the Intelligent Community Forum Summit in New York City.  That is where I first heard John Jung talk about the merits of an intelligent community and how different cities around the world had been re-shaped by their efforts to adopt this strategy.  My discussions with John after the Forum led us to the start of a 10 year path – one that saw us install Canada’s very first open access ultra-broadband network.  Apart from technology, the other components of the Intelligent Community Forum's mantra, things like digital inclusion, have helped us shape our strategy. - John Campbell, President & CEO, Waterfront Toronto




clientuploads/Images/JungTedXPirai.jpg"So you think you’re so Smart?"

15 March 2014 - Rio de Janeiro/Pirai, TEDx Pirai


"Toronto’s Intelligent Community: A Case Study"

1 March 2014 - Beijing


"Intelligent Communities  –A Competitive Advantage"

22 February 2014 - Beijing, 智能社区-竞争力优势

"Intelligent Communities Presentation"

20 February 2014 - Beijing, Pactera


"Successful Cities attract Foreign Direct Investment"

27 November 2013, Amsterdam


"Intelligent Communities  –A Competitive Advantage"

19 October 2013 - Shanghai, 智能社区-竞争力优势


"Intelligent Communities Primer to the Government of Kunshan"

17 October 2013 - Kunshan, China


"Smart and Intelligent Communities Around the World"

17 September 2013 - Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Computer Association's 2013 IT Next Forum & Expo


"Successful Smart and Intelligent Communities"

19 June 2013 - Montreal, Webcom, Quebec Institute for a Digital Society


Master of Ceremonies; Intelligent Community Forum Summit

6-8 June 2013 - New York City


Intelligent Community Waterloo, Case Study

21 May 2013 - Quebec City, Canada


"Intelligent Education to the Masses, Introduction to Suneet Singh Tuli"

14 May 2013 - Toronto, Canada, Canada 3.0


"Intelligent Communities - Challenges and Strategies"

24 April 2013 - Oulu, Finland, Smart Cities Workshop


"Developments and trends in smart cities: How you can benefit economically, ecologically, and socially by becoming an Intelligent Community"

9 April 2013 - Toronto, Canada, Smart City event


"Importance of Education in Intelligent Cities"

1 April 2013 - Tallinn- Estonia, Presentation to Tallinn Technical University


"Smart Cities and Systems: Problems, Practice, and Perspectives"

26 March 2013 - Hong Kong Forum organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Smart China Company Limited


"Innovative Ecosystems"

11 March 2013 - London UK Innovation Forum


"Intelligent Mobility"

30 January 2013  - MOBIT, Recife, Brazil


7 November 2012 - World Planning Forum Webinar


"Creating the Intelligent Community"
17 October 2012 - First International Foreign Investment Forum, Moscow, Russia


“The New Urban Intelligence”
4 September 2012, RioInfo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Creating the Intelligent Community”
8 May 2012 - Taichung City Hall, Taiwan

“Innovation in Intelligent Communities”
15 March 2012, Keynote to Tech City, London, UK

“Innovation and Intelligent Communities”
21 November 2011, Governor General of Canada’s State, Singapore

Keynote: "Creating Successful Intelligent Cities in China"
18 November 2011, Chongqing University Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing, China

Keynote: "Intelligent Cities in Taiwan"
14 November, 2011, Intelligent Cities Summit, New Taipei City, Taiwan
"Vision for a Green Digital Future"
8 November 2011, Global Forum 2011, Brussels, Belgium  

Keynote: "Creating the Smart City of the Future"
18 May 2011, APEC Conference, Langfang, Beijing, China

"Sustainability and Intelligent Communities"
February 2011, University of Waterloo Intelligent Communities Course

"ICF and Intelligent Communities"
November 2010, C-11 Economic Development Communities in Canada, Quebec City, PQ, Canada

“Shaping our Future Together, Strengthening Communities"
23 October 2010, Columbia Basin Trust Conference, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

Keynote "Intelligent Communities"
21 October 2010, Southwest Enterprise Region Annual Conference, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Future-Proofing Australian Communities"
26 July, 2010, Griffith University, Gold Coast City, Australia

"Future-Proofing: Toward Creating Successful Cities"
March 2010, Suwon City, South Korea 



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