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Community Accelerator

Accelerate Your Community Into the Broadband Economy

ICF has translated years of Intelligent Community research into information and education services for leaders who seek to transform their own communities.  The Community Accelerator helps communities large and small begin making the economic and social progress they crave, and to speed up progress that is already underway.  

We offer two types of service:

  A free online tool that lets you search for solutions for the challenges of broadband deployment, innovation, workforce development and digital inclusion.  Each best practice can suggest ways to clear a roadblock in your progress or provide inspiration for an exciting new project.

  Paid services that engage ICF in educating your community, helping to engage and energize key stakeholders, and providing metric analysis and recommendations to help you advance.

We believe you will find these services uniquely valuable in your quest to create local economic prosperity and address social challenges now and in the future. 

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