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Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence are the result of a mandate from the Board of Directors of the ICF Foundation. They asked ICF to develop an annual program that provides regular “best practice briefs” to the 105 cities and regions that have been designated as Intelligent Communities around the world.   This content aims to assist community leaders in formulating policy, directing investment and developing economically, socially and culturally prosperous communities 

A Center of Excellence (COE) is a partnership between an ICF Alumni Community and a technology or other sector Thought Leader.  The Thought Leader – a company, foundation or institution – underwrites the creation of an Alumni Community story that shares solutions and best-practice examples with ICF’s global network of community leaders.  The COE content presents the challenges, strategy, implementation and results of a specific, pioneering project.  The application may be in e-government, e-democracy, network services, social services, land use, emergency response, education, or other fields central to ICF’s Intelligent Community Indicators. 

In order to be considered for a COE, an Alumni Community and Thought Leader must be willing to co-produce a range of content, from white papers and Webinars to video or audio tutorials and a live symposium.  Applications must meet ICF's standards for quality and delivery of value to citizens, businesses and government.  ICF will provide oversight and guidance on appropriate content, endorsement of the resulting product and communication to its global network.  Over a 12-month period, underwriters receive:

  • Brand recognition in public relations by ICF
  • Promotion of the underwriter’s content on ICF’s Web site and global communications program
  • Underwriting role with prominent branding at ICF’s next Summit in New York
  • Opportunity to attend the ICF Foundation Board meeting and discuss COE focus area with participating mayors, CAOs, CIOs and EDOs.

For more information on underwriting a Center of Excellence, contact Director of Development Stephen Tom.

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