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ICF Master Class

Building the Community of the 21st Century

The Intelligent Community Forum's Master Class is for decision-makers on community development including Mayors, members of Council, city managers, information technology managers and economic development officers.  The Class identifies what the 21st Century community needs in order to be globally competitive, as well as the obstacles that stand in its way and how those obstacles can be overcome.  
The content is based on a decade of study into how communities build prosperous inclusive economies and meet social challenges on a foundation of information and communications technology.  It focuses on key areas including broadband, workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion and economic marketing and advocacy a mix of traditional and non-traditional factors that power the success of Intelligent Communities around the world. 

Presented in an open and interactive style, the Class mixes tutorials, storytelling from Intelligent Communities large and small, and interactive discussion that identifies local challenges and suggests solutions.  Attendees leave with an understanding of the principles of community development in the 21st Century as well as specific ideas and strategies they can take back to their own cities, towns and regions. 


Indicators for the Intelligent Community
The key facets of community development based on information and communications technology: broadband, knowledge workforce development, innovation, digital inclusion, and marketing & advocacy.  How they interact to create a virtuous cycle powering economic growth, citizen engagement and social health of the community. 

Success Factors for the Intelligent Community
Why some Intelligent Communities are more successful than others: the power of effective leadership, flexible and creative collaboration and a focus on long-term sustainability. 

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles
Community development faces obstacles economic, social, political and cultural and every successful community has found ways to overcome the ones that stand between them and a better future. 

Problems and Solutions
An interactive discussion: what are the challenges faced by decision-makers for local community development, and how can the principles of the Intelligent Community address them? 

More Information

ICF makes the Master Class available as a service to communities, as well as to technology and consulting companies seeking to educate communities on tech-based economic and social development.  Contact ICF for details and costs.  The Master Class is also a component of ICF's Community Accelerator program.  



Your presentation made all attendees,  myself included,  more aware of the potential impact broadband can have on the advancement of economic and social development within Parkland County and beyond.  I look forward to the opportunities available and the rewards that will be realized in our municipality as we proceed with the next steps in our Intelligent Community initiative.

- Mayor Rod Shaigec, Parkland County, Alberta, Canada


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