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ICF has turned a decade of research into programs for communities seeking to harness information and communications technology to create new economic potential and address the social challenges of the new century.  More information on the programs is available through the links below.

Community Accelerator

clientuploads/Images/CrystalBallWeb-FR.gifThe Community Accelerator programs provide your community with a set of development tools to improve competitiveness, deepen social inclusion and enhance your ability to adapt in today's fast-moving Broadband Economy.  The Community Accelerator programs are not a consulting service.  They do not assess feasibility, provide community organizing or develop requests for proposal.  Instead, they empower your community to seize control of its destiny.  They deliver education and analysis that you can use to plan and execute your future as an Intelligent Community, and a global context for action based on the actual practices of communities around the globe.  More 

Centers of Excellence

clientuploads/Images/Riverside-App-300.gifA Center of Excellence (COE) is a partnership between an ICF Alumni Community and a technology or other sector Thought Leader.  The Thought Leader – a company, foundation or institution – underwrites the creation of an Alumni Community story that shares solutions and best-practice examples with ICF’s global network of community leaders.  The COE content presents the challenges, strategy, implementation and results of a specific, pioneering project.  The application may be in e-government, e-democracy, network services, social services, land use, emergency response, education, or other fields central to ICF’s Intelligent Community Indicators. More

Annual Summit

clientuploads/Images/Summit-deBoeck-Horwitch-250.gifThe ICF Summit is an invitation-only international gathering of mayors, chief administrative officers, chief information officers and economic development officers from cities, states and regions around the world.  Produced in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, it is a unique opportunity to learn from the world's most dynamic communities how to use information and communications technology to build prosperous, inclusive and sustainable communities.  More

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