Innovation Agendas

A Webinar Series from ICF


Through our extensive Awards Program, ICF has developed a network of nearly 150 cities and regions – large and small, urban and rural – on five continents. This network of communities recognized by ICF are those that have risen to the challenges of the broadband economy and emerged as models leaders in the Intelligent Community movement. Now, with our Innovation Agendas Webinar Series, we aim to share their best practices with other communities around the world, proving a guide for their own paths to becoming an intelligent community.

With each webinar, attendees will hear from two ICF Foundation member communities as they share projects they created that have produced economic, social or cultural innovation. It may be a successful effort to connect education and business to generate new tech companies, or digital applications that solve social problems, or a way to give global exposure online to local culture. The ICF archives are full of such examples, and it is time to give our members a chance to share their best practices with you, and show you the steps to take to foster the innovation needed to propel your community on the path to intelligence.

Themes and Schedule

Each webinar will focus on a theme. Planned themes include:

  • How to Foster Innovation (July 2016)
    • How do cities and regions begin creating an innovation economy? What are the essential elements and how are they assembled to create an ecosystem that drives continuing innovation in the private, public and institutional sectors? In this Webinar, you will hear from two communities on different continents about how they have fostered innovation that generates prosperity.
  • What are the Impacts of Innovation? (September 2016)
    • What are the impacts of innovation at the local level? Sustainable economic growth, job creation and increasing prosperity are the goals. But when communities pursue innovation as an exercise in collaboration, the impacts can include better quality of life, the retention of young talent, cost savings and greater community spirit. In this Webinar, you will hear how communities measure and prioritize the different impacts they hope to achieve.
  • How to Create an Innovation District (November 2016)
    • Many communities choose to focus their public-private innovation programs on the creation of a physical home for innovation. What are the key components of a successful innovation district? What time and resources are needed? How can the success that occurs within that “innovation island” reach beyond it to the entire community or region? In this Webinar, you will learn from communities with track records of success in the development of innovation districts.
  • Connecting Education to Innovation (February 2017)
    • The ICF Innovation Triangle depends in part on the active engagement of educational, cultural and other institutions, with universities and colleges the most frequent partners. What are the secrets of effective engagement with educational institutions that yield genuine progress at innovation? This Webinar explains the necessary steps in identifying opportunities, building trust and generating real collaboration among educators, business and government.
  • Local Government: Leader or Supporting Actor? (May 2017)
    • Innovation in the Intelligent Community requires government to rethink its role in the political, economic and cultural network that makes up a community. They significantly expand the definition of what government does – from roads to broadband, permits to partnerships – but must exercise care to nurture development across institutions and companies without trying to determine outcomes. In this Webinar, municipal leaders share their experiences at redefining what their governments do and how they do it.

More Information

If you would like more information on this webinar series, or if you are from an ICF community and would like to present in a webinar, please contact Matthew Owen at