Smart Port system to be launched for cars and buses in Terminal D of the Port of Tallinn

On Wednesday, 9 May, the Smart Port system featuring automatic license plate identification and traffic management will be launched for cars and buses in Terminal D of the Port of Tallinn. Tallink says the check-in area for Tallink passengers with cars with its newly built access gates will from then on be situated in a new location, in the part of the port closer to Kadriorg.

The vehicle traffic management software solution Smart Port will mostly make guiding cars to the ship automated and speed it up: due to the automatic license plate recognition, the drivers who have made a booking beforehand will be directed to the right check-in booth and then the right lane for going on board.

“Because of the launch of the Smart Port system, the check-in area for cars will be relocated farther from its current site in front of Terminal D to the part of the port which is closer to Kadriorg on 9 May,” said Peeter Nõgu, chief infrastructure development officer in the Port of Tallinn. “The new traffic diagram and direction signs have also been out up in the port area for drivers’ information.”

The new traffic pattern diagram for cars and buses is available on the web page of the Port of Tallinn and Tallink

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Victoria Krisman
Victoria Krisman is Interactive Media Specialist and Communications Manager for the Intelligent Community Forum.
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