Snapshot Report

ICF can provide a free report that compares your community to our global data set in the six critical Factors of the ICF Method. It offers a top-level, quantitative view of your community’s competitiveness, digital readiness and maturity in the Intelligent Community development process.

To receive a Snapshot Report, you must complete and return the Community Index Questionnaire. It asks for information on connectivity costs and competition, education, innovation in business and government, digital inclusion, sustainability and engagement. Completing the questionnaire takes between 3 and 6 hours, most of which is devoted to obtaining information from sources in the community and online. Most communities tell us that this is time well spent because it gives them a broader perspective on the community’s assets and opportunities.

Download the questionnaire. The Index Questionnaire page will provide more information and allow you to download the form.
See a sample Snapshot Report. View a generic version of the Snapshot Report to help you assess its value.