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The Intelligent Community Forum Announces World’s Smart21 Communities of 2015
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
New York - 21 October 2014 – The Intelligent Community Forum today named the world’s Smart21 Communities of 2015. This select group of communities will now be in contention for the prestigious designation of Intelligent Community of the Year in June 2015. “We have started the search for Toronto’s successor,” said Louis Zacharilla, co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum, and he added, “More important,   read full article >>
Robert Bell Talks Intelligent Communities
Monday, November 17, 2014
Toronto, Canada - Urban Toronto reports on Robert Bell's address to 1,000 of Canada's leaders in the   read full article >>
Saturday Morning Live from Whanganui
Saturday, November 15, 2014
Wellington, New Zealand - Radio New Zealand's national Saturday radio program interviewed the mayor of   read full article >>
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Austin, Texas, USA (2012)
Saturday, August 25, 2012

Austin is two cities overlaid on the same 300 square miles (777 km2) of central Texas. One of these cities is a hotbed of innovation in information technology, telecommunications, transportation and energy, driven by the talents of graduates from the University of Texas, as well as the home of such American cultural icons as the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival.  In the other city, less than 5% of the population attends a college or university.  This is the population of people born and raised in Austin, 95% of whom fail to participate in the broadband economy despite the city’s enviable 6.3% unemployment rate in the midst of recession.

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Smart City Expo - Montreal
Date: December 10 - 12, 2014
CIVIC ENGAGEMENT FOR SMART CITIES The event aims to examine how citizens can play a more active More>>
2015 Intelligent Community Forum in Taichung & ICF Top7 Announcement
Date: January 22 - 23, 2015
Purpose: Taichung City has continued its efforts to promote the Intelligent Community Movement More>>
Summit 2015
Date: June 9 - 11, 2015
The ICF Summit is an international gathering of mayors, chief administrative officers, chief More>>
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Smart Brantford: City Urged to Keep Pace with Changing World
Brantford, Canada - The Brantford Expositor writes that Brantford launches a Smart Brantford project that is based on the Intelligent Community Forum that was launched in 2013 with a visit by Lou Zacharilla, co-founder of
CCIQ Urges United Business Voice on Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast, Australia - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Queensland writes, "The Sunshine Coast has been recognized by the Intelligent Community Forum as one of the world’s Smart21 communities two years in
The Broadband Economy
Flesherton, Canada - The Flesherton newspaper reports on the visit of Robert Bell, Intelligent Community co-founder who is working with the Grey County region of Ontario Canada to develop plans for the rural region to expand
AT&T to 'Pause' Gigabit Internet Rollout until Net Neutrality is Settled
AT&T said this week that it will "pause" its gigabit Internet rollout until it has a better idea of what the government will do regarding net neutrality. In April, AT&T committed to expanding its ultra-fast fiber
Happy World Cities Day
Introducing World Cities Day 2014 (WCD 2014) on 31 October! It is the very first commemoration of the Day since its formation, and its special theme is Leading Urban Transformations. Find information on the Establishment
Canada's Business Growth Will Be Driven by the Collaborative Economy
There are more than seven billion people on the planet right now, yet only 2.4 billion people with Internet access. If we look closer to home, we see just under 30 million Canadians are on the Internet and, interestingly

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