Summit Program



June 6: Economic Development Day

The first day of the Summit is devoted to the economic development and CIO agendas of ICF’s global membership. The morning schedule provides time for business meetings of ICF and its Summit partners, followed by an economic development matchmaking session.  We then formally open the Summit, present a keynote panel and welcome attendees to a networking reception.  The events on June 6 will be taking place in multiple locations in Manhattan. Click here for the locations list.

09:00 – 11:30

CIO Roundtable

An expert panel of municipal CIOs debate the key challenges, obstacles and opportunities created by technology in their communities.  Moderated by Moez Chaabouni, Solutions Architect, Informatica. 

Panelists include:

MoezChaabouni.jpg   AndreyBelozerov.jpg   StuJohnson.jpg   DouglasMcCollough.jpg

ICF Board Meeting

Annual meeting of the Foundation Board, restricted to Directors and observers. 



ICF Canada Board Meeting


13:00 – 15:30



Economic Development Matchmaking

ICF provides all delegates with the opportunity to meet each other in a speed dating format. This offers cities, companies and institutions the chance to explore strategic partnerships, business location and market entry opportunities, joint projects and trade and investment opportunities.  In a series of scheduled 20-minute introductory meetings, participants will present their goals and capabilities, and identify potential areas for future collaboration.  Moderated by John Jung, Co-Founder, ICF. Location: Australian Consulate-General, 150 East 42nd Street, Floor 34, New York, NY (Map)



Refreshment break 



Welcome to Summit

ICF co-founders, ICF Institutes, ICF Nations and partner representatives

Speakers include:

RobertBell.jpg    JohnJung.jpg    LouZacharilla.jpg



The Internet of the City

A panel of city, university and technology experts showcase the smart city programs of the City of New York – past, present and future – as models for public-sector innovation in pursuit of better quality of life.   Moderated by John G. Jung, Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum

Panelists include:

  • Bruce Lincoln, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Silicon Harlem

JohnJung.jpg    BruceLincoln.jpg



Welcome Reception


June 7: Community Accelerator Day

A central feature of ICF's Community Accelerator is a Master Class for community developers.  Summit 17 will provide a preview of Master Class content focusing on the different challenges facing urban and rural communities.  This unique program is co-located with the annual meeting of the Digital Government Society, a global, multi-disciplinary association of scholars interested in the development and impacts of digital government.  Performing Arts Center, City University of New York at Staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island.  Collocated with the Digital Government Society (DGS). 




Rendezvous at Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 4 Whitehall Street, Manhattan

ICF staff will be on hand to guide you to the waiting room for a complementary ferry crossing to Staten Island, which offers views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and the New Jersey shoreline development.  On the Staten Island side, ICF staff will guide you to shuttle buses that will take you to the Staten Island campus of the City University of New York, the city’s gateway to educational opportunity.  





Morning Plenary Session

Moderated by Dr. Roberto Gallardo, Founder, ICF Institute at Mississippi State University, and Meghan Cook, Digital Government Society.

  • Welcome to the joint ICF and Digital Government Society Day
  • The Revolutionary Community Keynote
  • Challenge Question for the Day

RobertoGallardo.jpg    MeghanCook.jpg



Refreshment Break



The Top7 Conversations

DGS Workshop

DGS Doctoral Session

10:30: Top7 Conversation: Chiayi City, Taiwan

MayorShiing-JerTwu.jpg    JohnJung.jpg

11:00: Top7 Conversation: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Speakers Include:
    • Carolyn Campbell, Deputy City Manager (Communications and Engagement), City of Edmonton
    • Gary Klassen, Deputy City Manager (Sustainable Development), City of Edmonton
    • Louis Zacharilla (Moderator), Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum 

CarolynCampbell.jpg    GaryKlassen.jpg    LouZacharilla.jpg

11:30: Cultural Presentation

12:00: Top7 Conversation: Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Speakers Include:

PaulPisasale.jpg    RobertBell.jpg

Presentation of papers by DGS members followed by discussion.

Presentation of papers by doctoral students followed by discussion.



Lunch Break



ICF Urban Master Class

ICF Rural Master Class

DGS Workshops

DGS Doctoral Session

Tutorial from the ICF Master Class focusing on urban development in the digital age.  Robert Bell, Co-Founder, ICF.

Tutorial from the ICF Master Class focusing on rural development in the digital age.  Norman Jacknis, Senior Fellow, ICF.  

Three simultaneous workshops for presentation of papers by DGS members followed by discussion.

Presentation of papers by doctoral students followed by discussion.



Refreshment Break



Challenge Session

Leaders of ICF and DGS lead a discussion with panelists and the audience that seeks answers to the Challenge Question raised at the beginning of the day.  Moderated by Roberto Gallardo and Meghan Cook.

RobertoGallardo.jpg    MeghanCook.jpg



Bus transport to Manhattan



Top7 Intelligent Communities Reception



June 8: Intelligent Community of the Year Day

On the final day of the Summit, we complete our intimate conversations with the Top7 Intelligent Communities and learn about the strategies, technologies and cultural environment of the City of New York.  The day ends with the Intelligent Community Awards Dinner and the naming of the 2017 Intelligent Community of the Year.  Manhattan locations TBA.


Registration and Continental Breakfast


The Internet of Cities and Regions

Metropolitan regions everywhere feature sharp contrasts between prosperity and stagnation. Investment, talent and innovation tend to flow into the urban centers and bypass the outer areas, except in those cases where it is the inner city that has stagnated while the suburbs and exurbs expand.  This panel session explores the urban-suburban-rural divide that characterizes metropolitan regions, comparing New York City and its Upstate region, and Columbus, Ohio, USA and its surrounding region.  Moderated by Louis Zacharilla, Co-Founder, ICF and Dana McDaniel, Founder, Dublin ICF Institute.   

Panelists Include:

  • Tom Roach, Mayor, City of White Plains, New York, USA
  • Gary McCarthy, Mayor, City of Schnectady, New York, USA

LouZacharilla.jpg     TomRoach.jpg     GaryMcCarthy.jpg


Top7 Conversation Grey County, Ontario, Canada 

  • Speakers Include:
    • Alan Barfoot, Warden, Grey County; Mayor, Georgian Bluffs
    • Savanna Myers, Manager of Economic Development, Grey County
    • Kim Wingrove, Chief Administrative Officer, Grey County, Ontario, Canada 
    • Louis Zacharilla (Moderator), Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum 

AlanBarfoot.jpg    SavannaMyers.jpg    KimWingrove.jpg    LouZacharilla.jpg



Refreshment Break



Top7 Conversation: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


CityTech Talk or Cultural Presentation



Lunch Break



Top7 Conversation: Moscow, Russia


CityTech Talk or Cultural Presentation


The Internet of People

More than geography separates the digital “haves” from the “have-nots” in a metropolitan region.  The deepest divide is between those who know how to use information to advance their careers and enrich their lives, and those who do not.  This panel asks what is truly needed to shatter the divide and bring more of our citizens into the broadband economy.  Moderated by Mary Lee Kennedy, Intelligent Community Strategist.  

  • Panelists Include:

MaryLeeKennedy.jpg    SusanBenton.jpg    AndresHenriquez.jpg    JohnHorrigan.jpg    ChrisLawrence.jpg


CityTech Talk


Top7 Conversation: Taoyuan, Taiwan


Closing ceremony



Intelligent Community Awards Dinner

Reception and dinner featuring Visionary of the Year keynote and selection of the Intelligent Community of the Year.  Moderated by Louis Zacharilla.  


Registration >>>


Intelligent Community Awards Dinner, 2016