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Victoria, BC

Industrias Creativas y Culturales. Aprender y Emprender. +digital. +competencia. Cofundadora @XperimentaCult. Presidenta de @la_cultora

Harrogate, England
Coach - Mentor - Advisor - Giving you the time and space to discover where you are now, where you want to be & how to get there using your own ideas & actions

New York, NY
Host of #SmartBrownVoices podcast. Voted one of the top Black Business Podcast by @iTunes. #Digital #Marketing #Consultant for @AARP @ToyotaUSA #ICO Advisor

GISc Professional Practitioner, Owner - Wanscan Consulting cc

Strategy Unit brings the future closer. Shaping your compass (position), guiding ambitions (direction) and advancing results (acceleration) @edgarvanleest

Lewiston, ID

Winnipeg, MB

El Paso, TX

Espace Fabrique, la coopérative qui facilite la réalisation de vos projets. #Prototype #Makerspace #Manufacturier #Montréal #Maker #Prototype #Innovation 💡⚙️🔨🔧📦

San Francisco, CA
Founding Principal @RepublicGood・Cities and Climate Vanguard・Impact Advisor・Innovation Specialist・Investment Analyst・Historian・Phenomenologist・Futurist

San Francisco, CA

Surrey, BC

Economic Development Officer for the District of Mission, BC. Providing interesting economic, business and tourism related information to the community.

Victoria, BC

Human Geography