Not every leader or member of your community will understand our development framework at first glance. To frame the challenges your community faces and excite people about future potential, an ICF leader can provide a customized workshop for members of your community, from City Council to business groups and community activists, either online or in person. Outcomes include:

  • Celebration of progress to date and inspiration for continued progress.
  • Deeper and shared understanding among formal and informal leaders about challenges and opportunities.
  • Broader engagement in tackling the next priorities and developing the next solutions.


ICF provides a full day of onsite presentations, discussions and meetings customized to the needs of the community. Activities during the day may include:

  • Private meeting with elected and administrative leaders to discuss the community’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Workshop with departmental leaders and staff, as well as partner organizations, to reflect on current goals and programs and generate feedback from ICF.
  • Keynote presentation to celebrate the community’s progress and offer relevant examples from other communities.
  • Press interviews.

To prepare for the Workshop, ICF interviews you to learn about your challenges, assets and strategies, and advises you on the program and attendees. You schedule the presentation, invite attendees and manage all aspects of the venue and program. An ICF executive makes the presentation and attends additional meetings or social functions during the one-day visit.

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The community’s strategy and plans need to be determined by the community, not an outside consultant. But development teams can benefit from regular expert advice and feedback that keeps them from ‘reinventing the wheel.’ ICF provides ICF professionals, who become outside members of your development team and answer questions, offer advice and relay the experience of other communities with the same issues. In addition, we connect you with communities in our network who can offer a first-person perspective on what works and doesn’t. Outcomes include:

  • Identification of goals that offer the greatest potential for progress.
  • Vital support in attracting and motivating partners and allies.
  • Higher success rate with fewer dead ends and less burnout.
  • Productive relationships with peer communities that solve problems, identifies opportunities and supports economic development.

You agree to an online engagement by an ICF coach for a period of time you determine, and which can be flexibly shortened or extended as needed. The typical program involves the ICF coach in monthly online briefings and meetings that focus on current projects, planned initiatives and new challenges and obstacles to progress. Your coach provides expert feedback on program design and advice on overcoming obstacles, communicating with the public and engaging with partners. Verbal feedback during the meetings is documented to add to the team’s planning process.

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