Community Accelerator

In the digital age, communities of every size face new possibilities and new threats. When cities and counties adapt to the demands of the digital age, they survive and thrive amid technology disruption and global competition, regardless of their size or location. Communities that fail to adapt face economic stagnation, decline, population loss and the social and cultural collapse that follows.

Accelerating your economic, social and cultural growth

The Community Accelerator empowers communities to tackle these broad possibilities and threats. The Community Accelerator delivers analysis, inspiration and training to help you plan and execute your own vision of an Intelligent Community. It offers a global context for action based on 20 years of experience with cities and regions around the world.


The Accelerator is

Community Accelerator services

The Community Accelerator offers four integrated services to accelerate community development through long-term strategy and short-term action.

Analytics. Analytics establishes a baseline for your community compared with ICF’s global data and offers recommendations for future development illustrated with examples from comparable Intelligent Communities.
Keynote. Not every leader in your community will understand our development framework at first glance. To support your adoption of the Method, ICF offers a Keynote to introduce the potential of the Intelligent Community path to the formal and informal leaders of your community.
Master Class. The Master Class is a one-day workshop for the individuals in the community who will lead your transformation into an Intelligent Community. Delivered by an ICF leader, it trains them in the ICF Method, illustrated by roadmaps and practical examples from Intelligent Communities.
Coaching. To help you translate intention into action, ICF provides coaching that offers expert, objective advice and counsel on the formation of cross-community partnerships, development of goals and strategy, the planning of programs and their execution.