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The Community Accelerator® is a set of compelling online courses that train the elected, administrative and volunteer leaders of your city or region how to create the change they seek.

Illustrated by case studies and videos, the Accelerator provides essential guidance in creating a successful development strategy, forming a strong coalition to carry it forward, and ensuring its success – based on the experience of nearly 200 remarkable cities and regions around the world.

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“We intend to pool the resources of central and local government to continue promoting the development of Intelligent Communities.”

-President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan ROC


“For our region, being an Intelligent Community embraces all that’s important to our residents, not just what’s happening in the economic or technological front, but key learnings and bright futures for our young people and the enhancement of a healthy, smart and creative community.”

-Mayor Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


“As we enter a dramatically new world order, our work with the ICF has given us a head start.”

-Jane Howington, City Manager, Hudson, Ohio, USA


“I use the Forum as my ‘tipster’ for where to look for community innovations in broadband activities and apps that the rest of the world will be emulating in a few years. The Forum never fails to teach me things I didn’t know about places that are on the cutting edge.”

-Lee Rainie, Founder, Pew Research, Internet & American Life


“The ICF Method recognizes the key factors in achieving sustainable growth: engaging people, boosting innovation and putting new technologies to work, while making sure no one is left behind.”

-Päivi Sutinen, Director, City as Service Development, Espoo, Finland


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