Doral, Florida

Doral, Florida, has a history deeply rooted in its transformation from a swampland to a thriving urban center. Originally part of the vast Everglades, the area underwent significant development in the mid-20th century when real estate magnate Alfred and Doris Kaskel acquired land and envisioned a golf-focused community. Over the decades, Doral evolved from a primarily residential community into a bustling city with a strong business presence. The city's incorporation in 2003 marked a turning point, empowering local governance and sparking further growth. Now Doral is a vibrant and dynamic city, known for its diverse community, thriving economy, and upscale amenities. Located in Miami-Dade County, Doral has emerged as a model Smart City, leveraging technology to improve efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity across the community. The city's commitment to innovation has garnered attention and accolades on the global stage.

Investing in Digital Solutions

Doral's strategy has been guided by its Doral Digital Smart City Plan has invested significantly in smart infrastructure, deploying digital solutions that optimize public services and improve overall efficiency. Doral's commitment to becoming a Smart City is evident in its implementation of advanced traffic management systems, intelligent street lighting, and innovative waste management practices, all contributing to a more sustainable and connected urban environment. As a hub for businesses and innovation, Doral actively supports technology startups, entrepreneurship, and digital education, solidifying its reputation as a forward-thinking and digitally progressive community in the heart of South Florida.

Digital Transformation of City Services

A notable part of Doral's Smart City Vision has been leveraging innovative technologies to enhance the overall quality of life for its residents. At the core of this transformation is the Digital Government Portal, a centralized hub that streamlines access to municipal services, fostering transparency and efficiency. The city has seamlessly integrated technology into its public transportation system, offering a user-friendly app-based Free Trolley System that provides residents and visitors with convenient and sustainable mobility options. Doral has also demonstrated a proactive approach to public safety through digital channels, employing emergency notifications for hurricanes and other crises, ensuring timely and critical information reaches the community. Smart Kiosks strategically placed throughout the city serve as interactive information hubs, providing real-time updates and fostering engagement. Moreover, Doral has embraced sustainability with the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting the growing trend towards electric transportation. The city's commitment to digital innovation in these key areas underscores its dedication to creating a connected, resilient, and technologically advanced community.

Achieving International Accolades

Doral has received international acclaim for its exceptional smart city standards and achievements, solidifying its status as a global leader in urban innovation. The city's noteworthy accomplishment includes six consecutive years of recognition for implementing ISO 37120, a key standard for sustainable and resilient urban development, bestowed by the World Council on City Data (WCCD). This prestigious acknowledgment underscores Doral's commitment to data-driven governance, transparency, and the highest standards of urban living. Additionally, Doral has been selected to participate in a groundbreaking joint initiative by the United Nations and WCCD, focusing on city resilience. This collaboration positions Doral at the forefront of global efforts to create cities that are not only technologically advanced but also resilient in the face of emerging challenges. Through its consistent dedication to smart city principles and global collaboration, Doral has earned its place as an international benchmark for urban excellence.

Population: 75,874


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