Community Assessment

ICF’s Community Assessment offers a unique view of your community’s strengths opportunities and challenges in the pursuit of sustainable, inclusive growth and high quality of life. It offers a detailed report, based on your answers to a questionnaire, that compares your potential and performance with the full ICF data set of communities around the world.

The value of Assessment

Completing a questionnaire and receiving an Assessment delivers:Assessmt-Rept-Cover-2024.jpg

  • Benchmarking of your readiness for inclusive and sustainable growth against ICF’s global dataset of communities.
  • Clear mapping of specific areas of strength and weakness to help you set priorities, design programs and determine budgets.
  • Consideration for the next Intelligent Community Awards program, with your permission.
  • The first step in Certifying your municipality or region as an Intelligent Community.

View a sample report here to gain a better understanding of the information it provides and its value in your work.

Start your Assessment

Your Assessment begins with payment of a fee of US$250 ($175 for ICF members using their unique member code; click here to request it) and completion of a questionnaire, with guidance from ICF. The questionnaire asks multiple-choice and short answer questions on connectivity, workforce development, innovation, engagement, the digital divide, sustainability and resilience. Answering them may require information from other government departments, and the online questionnaire makes it easy to invite others to contribute.

Submit your questionnaire at any time. If you also wish to have your community considered for the next Intelligent Community Awards, plan to submit it in mid-January. Start your assessment →