Assess Your Community

You can find consultants to assess the “digital readiness” of your city or county. There are surveys that evaluate how “smart” it is today and how much smarter it could become. Tech companies can tell you how to get there using their products and services.

ICF offers tools to assess what matters most

Not just your use of technology to solve problems – but your capacity to create a technology sector in your economy. Not just digital tech in your schools – but your ability to turn education into a ladder of opportunity for your people in an economy that demands better skills every year. Not just cost savings from a tech investment – but the power to innovate across the private and public sectors, at a time when most economic growth is the product of innovation.

Your city or county is not a tech project – it is the home of people, organizations and a culture that has developed over decades. They are its greatest strengths. Only by engaging the whole of your community in a long-term project of transformation will you reap the benefits of prosperity for generations to come.

Size doesn’t matter

Intelligent Communities come in all sizes, from megacities like New York and Singapore to rural counties of 10,000 people. We believe that the digital age offers immense new opportunities to the small-to-midsize community to create dynamic, innovative economies that fully participate in global growth. ICF’s assessment avoids favoring big cities for their greater size and scale, and gives midsize and small communities an equal chance to succeed.

How to get started

Download a report. Our report, Getting Started Creating the Intelligent Community, is available free. In this practical guide, we explain what an Intelligent Community is and why it matters, and offer specific steps toward transformation. You can also purchase reports that go into detail on each of the six Factors that make an Intelligent Community, richly illustrated with real-world examples. More on reports →

Take a course. The Community Accelerator online courses introduce the ICF Method and provide instruction, videos and helpful content on each of the six Factors. They are available for individual or group purchase, which allows your development team to take the course together. More on the Community Accelerator →

Request an analysis of your community. ICF offers analytic reports on your community compared with our global data set of Intelligent Communities. To provide this analysis, ICF asks you to complete our Community Index questionnaire. In addition to informing the report, your data can also – with your permission – be entered into our annual international award program for Intelligent Communities. More on analytics →

As a bonus opportunity – with your permission – ICF will enter your data into its annual international award program for Intelligent Communities. Should you be selected as a semifinalist Smart21 Community, media exposure and public acclaim will give your progress a significant boost. You will then have the option to continue competing for the Top7 Intelligent Communities selection as well as Intelligent Community of the Year.

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