Certify Your Community

ICF offers the world’s only certification program for Intelligent Communities. It identifies cities, counties and regions that are investment-ready and prepared to prosper economically, socially and culturally amid the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. It provides objective, third-party validation of the community’s potential and progress, based on internationally recognized standards.

Why Certify?

Economic development value. Meeting the Certification standard provides objective validation that a community has high-quality connectivity, effective workforce development, a business innovation system and meaningful community engagement, digital inclusion and sustainability programs in place. These qualities combine to support the growth of innovative businesses, meet their talent needs and provide a high quality of life.

Community validation. The work of community building can be slow and difficult, leaving innovators to feel they are working in a vacuum. Certification offers validation that local projects and programs rise to a global standard regardless of the municipality’s location, wealth or resources.

Continuous improvement. As a Certified Intelligent Community, your municipality may gain free access to ICF programs including best practice reports, online training and a network of like-minded communities providing peer learning and engagement.

What does Certification deliver?

Certification delivers benefits including a Certified Intelligent Community logo and public listing, confidential reporting on results, press releases and promotion and ongoing participation in ICF programs. See the Certification process page for details.

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