From Connectivity to Community

The ICF Method for economic, social and cultural growth in the digital age

Growth in the local economy, society and culture are what give the place called home a future. This book is your guide to a new approach to economic development that will enable your community to adapt, survive and thrive amid the storm. MORE



Brain Gain

How innovative cities create job growth in an age of disruption

The introduction of new technology is responsible for as much as 80% of growth in a nation's GDP. While most agree that innovation is the key to growing our economies nationally and locally, there is a catch. Innovation is not just a job creator. It is a job-destroyer as well. MORE


Broadband Economies

Creating the community of the 21st Century

Based on years of research by ICF, Broadband Economies tells the story of "Intelligent Communities" around the world that are using broadband and information technology to build local prosperity, address social challenges and strengthen culture. MORE


Seizing Our Destiny

2012’s best communities to live, work, grow and prosper in – and how they got that way

The story of seven communities that accelerated innovation in business, government and institutions to keep pace with a more innovative world - and offer lessons on how tobuild political will for change and adapt creatively to the demands of the new century. MORE



Responsive Countryside

The Digital Age and Rural Communities

The digital age is upon us. Its exponential, digital, combinatorial, and disruptive characteristics are ushering in revolutionary changes to our economic and social landscape. While serious privacy and security concerns abound, applications such as e-commerce, telehealth, telework, precision agriculture, and artificial intelligence show that the overall benefits of the digital age are larger than its potential problems. MORE



Future Cities

Designing Better, Smarter, More Sustainable and Secure Cities

Three authors – futurists, urban experts and systems architects – consider how the demands of the 21st Century will reshape the places where half of the world’s population lives. MORE



Switched On

Australia's First Online Community, Ipswich Queensland

Facing economic stagnation, Ipswich (2011 Smart21 Community) became an early adopter of ICT to transform its economy. By Mal Bryce, former Deputy Premier, State of West Australia. MORE



Networked Communities

Strategies for Digital Collaboration

Authored by Albert S., Flournoy D. and LeBrasseur R., this IGI-Global Premier Reference Source answers community leader's questions about the use of digital technologies to achieve smart growth, assure digital inclusion, build better government, stimulate innovation, generate jobs and retain talent, while providing a high quality of life and a sustainable future. MORE



The Safe City

Living Free in a Dangerous World

We are today investing billion in urban security. But are we truly safer? Are we prepared for the onslaught of changing climate, impending natural disasters and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) terrorism and accidents? The Safe City promotes new strategies for a safer urban future. MORE




Ten Survival Strategies for 21st Century Challenges

Climate change is not the only major threat confronting our world. The challenges include super-automation, structural unemployment, a failure of conventional market systems and super-urbanization. Are we, like the dinosaurs, an endangered species? MORE

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