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Provisional Certification

Members US$1,600 | Non-Members US$2,000. Annual renewal required unless Full Certification is obtained.

Full Certification

  • Population up to 50,000: Members US $4,400 | Non-Members US$5,500
  • Population 50 001 to 500 000: Members US $6,000 | Non-Members US$7,500
  • Population over 500 000: Members US $7,600 | Non-Members US$9,500

Renewal required every 3 years. In addition to the Certification fee, communities will approve and pay for travel and accommodation for the auditor.

Communities with an active Provisional Certification will receive a credit for one year of the Provisional Certification fee. This means that a community completing both Provisional and Full Certification within 12 months will pay only the Full Certification fee plus travel and accommodation costs.

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