Improve Your Community

The American author Mark Twain spoke for everyone when he wrote, “I’m all for progress – it’s change I can’t stand.”

Creating positive change is hard. It takes vision, plenty of determination and even more patience. ICF offers tools to help ensure that your strategy is comprehensive and sound, that you are executing it well, and that you manage the unintended consequences that come with every effort to change.

How to Make Progress

Request a presentation. An ICF leader can present the ICF Method and relevant development examples from around the world in a keynote for your community, then engage in discussions with stakeholders on your challenges and opportunities.
Hold a workshop. An ICF leader can bring our Master Class workshop to the key stakeholders of your community. It trains them in the ICF Method and engages them in identifying their goals, the assets they have to work with, and specific projects they can undertake together.
Acquire a Coach. ICF’s Coaching program provides an ICF leader to counsel you and your project teams and stakeholders as they plan actions, engage with the community and push for results. We also connect you with communities in our network for invaluable advice on what works and what doesn’t in community improvement.

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