Certified Intelligent Communities

Provisional Certifications

binh_duong_round_thumbnail.pngBinh Duong Smart City, Vietnam
In the heart of Vietnam’s southeastern Binh Duong Province is a brand-new city in development. Binh Duong Smart City is being created by the Smart City Office, Becamex, the state agency overseeing the project, the academic and entrepreneurial sector and the Standing and the Peoples’ Committees of the government all working in concert to design a modern, environmentally friendly city that already includes Eastern International University, a world-class academic institution, as well as six industrial parks and the region’s first accelerator.

fredericton_round_thumbnail.pngFredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
The combination of smart strategy, hard-working private entrepreneurship and cooperative public investment in information and communications technology have completely transformed the economy of Fredericton over the past fifteen years. More than 70% of New Brunswick's knowledge industries call Fredericton home and, on a per capita basis, the city hosts the largest engineering cluster in North America.

sunshine_coast_round_thumbnail.pngSunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
A sub-tropical paradise of beautiful beaches and scenic mountains, the Sunshine Coast has experienced boom times, almost doubling its population since the 1980s. Sunshine Coast Council worked with leading businesses, industry and the Queensland Government to develop the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) 2013–2033 which provides a 20-year vision and blueprint for sustainable economic growth. The economy continues to evolve into a modern, smart economy based on high value and knowledge-based industries including professional business services, innovative manufacturing and high tech.

Full Certifications

ntc_round_thumbnail.pngNew Taipei City, Taiwan
New Taipei City (NTPC) was created in 2010 from the county surrounding Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei. Massive investment has gone into high-speed roads and rails to unite the doughnut-shaped city, which also applies digital technology to re-imagine the delivery of services to citizens. While a Knowledge-Bridge project has driven industry-university collaboration projects and provided talent and job matchmaking. Just three of NTPC’s business parks, each focused on a different industry cluster, have attracted US$1.5 billion in investment and created 22,400 jobs.

winnipeg_round_thumbnail.pngWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba, located in the center of the North American continent. Winnipeg’s economy is dominated by agriculture, energy and manufacturing. Over the past decade, the city has built a new economic foundation by connecting industry, education and a rising technology sector. Strong collaborations with universities, community colleges and major employers have created everything from large fabrication labs to digital equipment upgrades and micro-credential workshops that generate new products, new companies and new jobs.