The Institutes of the Intelligent Community

The Institutes of the Intelligent Community Forum are local research institutions established in partnership with ICF by universities, local governments and other organizations to expand the world's knowledge about the creation of Intelligent Communities.

Video-Globe-200.gifEach Institute focuses on a field of study related to one of ICF's six Intelligent Community Indicators while also supporting a specific mission of the community or institution that is home to the Institute. The Institute's specific mission may focus on education or e-democracy, agriculture or alternative energy, the creation of technology clusters or the reduction of poverty. Whatever the mission, the Institute creates new knowledge on the role of the Intelligent Community in achieving it.

Through the Institutes, ICF seeks to expand understanding of successful community development and to equip local leaders with tools to build stronger communities. For national policymakers, the Institutes provide a source of unbiased information on the role of information and communications technology in economic growth and social health at the local level in regions, cities, towns and villages.

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The Intelligent Community Forum is working with universities, institutes and Intelligent Communities around the globe to develop future Institutes for the Study of the Intelligent Community. Local founders of ICF Institutes take responsibility for funding, staffing, management and overhead of the Institute. The Institute's course of study and resulting research output are determined in collaboration between the Institute and ICF. Contributions to the Institute from ICF include advice and counsel on the Institute's formation, the ongoing participation of our executives and fellows, access to ICF data, and the right to use ICF's identity in its work.

Future Institutes

If you wish to explore formation of an Institute of the Intelligent Community Forum, request an Expression of Interest template from co-founder Louis Zacharilla.

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