Entrepreneurs bring algorithmic efficiency to Stockholm’s dysfunctional housing market

The Swedish housing website called Qasa started as a service for long-term subleasing of rooms and apartments. Now it’s taking making a move on the market for first-hand leases, by initiating collaborations with two real estate companies. The idea is to match users looking for leases with new apartments, Di Digital writes.

“Considering that the queue – at least in Stockholm – is so long that it can take many years for an applicant to find a first-hand lease through the municipal queue system, there is need for an alternative,” says Qasa co-founder Mattia Tosti.

Qasa’s new collaborations concern the real estate companies K Fastigheter and K2A. Matches between apartments and users will be mediated by an algorithm intended to find the most suitable candidates for the leases. Things like where you work, where you have previously been subletting and where your children go to school can be important factors.

Read the full story at nordic.businessinsider.com.

Victoria Krisman
Victoria Krisman is Interactive Media Specialist and Communications Manager for the Intelligent Community Forum.
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