Entropy expands business value and unlocks the digital future with expert consulting.

Their deep technology know-how encompasses data systems, 5G, satellite systems, cybersecurity, and media strategies. We help drive ideas to implementation that speeds time to market and quicker revenue.

A better, more realistic approach

Entropy, Inc. was conceived upon a belief that all firms face greater change than they know how to manage. With a focus on only near-term results or a quick payoff from investment in technology and people, companies are frustrated. Entropy’s advisory meets that issue head-on

The term, “entropy” is a well-known thermodynamic term as a measure of disorder — at its core, it’s an exchange of energy. From a business sense, this concept can now be embraced and any up or down inflection should be viewed as an opportunity. Dealing with shorter life cycles of technology, following trends, or managing employees with a different work ethic, all require a pragmatic approach.

Their Commitment

There's no simple mission statement for Entropy. Their approach takes the energy in a business or market at hand, looks at what can be leveraged with the team, and focuses on top-line revenue as its primary goal. More information about Entropy can be found at entropybusiness.com