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The ICF Summit is an international gathering of mayors, chief administrative officers, chief information officers and economic development officers from cities, states and regions around the world. Produced in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, it is a unique opportunity to learn from the world's most dynamic communities how to use information and communications technology to build prosperous, inclusive and sustainable communities.

What Will You Learn at The Summit?

The Summit features keynote speeches, interactive discussions and community case studies through two intensive days, including a Master Class, Plenary sessions and the Intelligent Community Awards. Social, networking and award events create an intimate atmosphere where productive relationships are forged and new ideas arise.

Community As Canvas

The 2014 theme, Community as Canvas, looks at three specific aspects of culture: as art and craftwork that has both economic and social value, as heritage that gives a place its identity, and as attitudes arising from that heritage that determine how people react to change.

Culture-Theme-Art-Web500.jpgWhen Intelligent Communities chart a new course, culture is crucial. The culture of the city or region forms the launch pad for every program and project. It provides a wide range of intangible assets that Intelligent Community champions can put to use. It helps determine how readily new ideas are accepted. Cultures shape economies and economic change molds cultures. Understanding the power of local culture helps communities large and small, in developed and developing nations, learn how their past can inform their future, how the commonplace contributions of artists and craftspeople can benefit the whole, and how to help constituents stop standing in the way of their own futures.

Community-as-Canvas-150.gifWe encourage Summit attendees to download and read the white paper, Community as Canvas: The Power of Culture in the Emergence of the Intelligent Community (PDF) or watch ICF co-founder Robert Bell discuss the theme in this video.

What Attendees Say

"I use the Forum as my 'tipster' for where to look for community innovations in broadband activities and apps that the rest of the world will be emulating in a few years. The Forum never fails to teach me things I didn't know about places that are on the cutting edge."

- Lee Rainie, Lee Rainie, Founder and Director, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

"I would like to sincerely thank you for one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The networking, the community projects and overall ability to learn from international colleagues went way beyond my expectations."

- Suzanne McCrimmon, Senior Business Development Officer, The Corporation of the Town of Markham

"Congratulations on the excellent job that you do for promoting wise use of IT and broadband. It was very exciting to see Stockholm coming out as a winner in this year's very qualified group of candidate cities!"

- Magnus Harviden, Counselor, Science and Technology, Head of the Office of Science, Embassy of Sweden

Prepare your city, county or region to become an


at The ICF Summit

June 03, 2014 at 8:00am - June 05, 2014 | Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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