Community Index Questionnaire

The Community Index Questionnaire and the data it generates are at the heart of ICF’s practice. They provide the real-world evidence that informs our analytics, educational programs and advisory services. We encourage you to learn from the books, reports, videos and podcasts we publish. But your real learning begins when you submit data on your community and receive feedback.

Providing You with Possibilities

By completing and submitting a Community Index Questionnaire, you can:

Receive an analysis of your community. ICF offers analytic reports on your community compared with our global data set of Intelligent Communities, from a Snapshot Report offering a high-level view to a detailed Analytics Report offering recommendations for change. More on analytics →

Be considered for the annual Intelligent Community Awards, by checking a box on the questionnaire. Data submitted for awards consideration remains valid for three annual cycles. More on Awards →


Access the Community Index Questionnaire. It consists of multiple-choice and short-answer questions plus narrative questions asking for an extended description of six community programs. From gathering information to filling out the form, the questionnaire takes between six and ten hours to complete. Choose the option that is best for you.
  • Online questionnaire, which you can complete in intervals, save your work and return. You can also invite others in your community to complete portions of the questionnaire in which they are the experts. Go to the online questionnaire →
  • Word-based questionnaire, which you can download and return by email. Download the questionnaire →
Take a Self-Test. Answer fewer than a dozen questions in an online questionnaire and ICF will give you a first evaluation of your readiness for more. Self-Test →