New Connected Countryside Webinars

A Webinar Series from ICF

NCC-Logo-350.pngIn this webinar series, attendees will hear from a different ICF Foundation member community as they share their experiences battling the challenges of a rural community in an increasingly connected world. These are communities using broadband and information technology to eliminate distance as a barrier and make digital networks take the place of the physical proximity that urban areas provide. They make up the New Connected Countryside, and they have lessons to share with rural cities and towns around the world.

Themes and Schedule

Each webinar will focus on a community. Webinars include:

  • To Be or Not to Be (Intelligent) (November 15, 2016) (Archive Video Available)
    • At the turn of the new century, Stratford had a reputation for being quaint, cultured and out of the way, home to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and a 90-minute drive from Toronto, the business capital of eastern Canada. The Festival is a home-grown success story in cultural tourism. Founded in 1953, it became the largest employer in the city and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in local economic activity in ticket sales, restaurants, lodging and culture. In this Webinar, find out more about how Stratford continued its path to intelligence and become a home of innovation.
  • Intelligence from the Ground Up (November 22, 2016) (Archive Video Available)
    • Parkland County is a county-sized municipality that has applied the open-access network model – pioneered by urban centers from Stockholm to Dublin, Ohio – specifically to meet the needs of a rural region. Located on the western border of Edmonton, capital of Alberta Province, and only hours from the province’s vast oil sands extraction industry, Parkland County is prosperous. In 2012, the county completed the core of a network of 18 communication towers, ten in the west and eight in the east. In this Webinar, hear how Parkland County implemented this program.

More Information

If you would like more information on this webinar series, or if you are from an ICF community and would like to present in a webinar, please contact Matthew Owen at


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