ICF Questionnaire

The data for ICF’s research program comes from a continuing study of communities around the world through out Intelligent Community Awards Program. Communities benefit in three ways from submitting a questionnaire:

  • They are automatically entered into the Intelligent Community Awards Program and consideration for the Smart21 Communities of the Year in the next three annual Awards cycles.  
  • They are eligible to appear in ICF's annual By the Numbers rankings of Intelligent Communities
  • They can submit a request for a free Snapshot Report which ICF will return to them within 30 days.

The goal of the program is to provide communities everywhere – large and small, urban and rural – with evidence-based guidance on becoming an Intelligent Community, and an objective method for measuring their progress. ICF accepts nominations throughout the year and communities may complete and submit a questionnaire at any time.

Download and complete the questionnaire, which you may complete and return by email. It consists of multiple-choice and short-answer questions, plus questions asking for a more extended description of your community’s programs. From gathering information to filling out the form, the questionnaire requires between 8 and 10 hours to complete. Nominations for the 2021 Intelligent Community Awards are due by September 23, 2020.

ICF analyzes your completed questionnaire using a mix of quantitative measures developed over years of experience with Intelligent Communities, and independent evaluation of your community’s programs by an international team of academic analysts.  The current Awards cycle considers data submitted this year as well as data submitted in the previous two years. Each year's cycle ends in mid-September to prepare for Awards announcements in October (Smart21), February (Top7) and June (Intelligent Community of the Year).  

Not ready to submit a questionnaire? You can:

From its growing data set, ICF publishes regular research reports offering insights into the key characteristics of Intelligent Communities, from broadband adoption and lifelong learning to innovation and digital equality programs. These reports help shape national and regional policies on urban and rural development, as well as validating the efforts of community leaders to build a better future.


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