Smart and Sustainable: How Communities Can Embrace the Circular Economy for Resilient Growth


The circular economy, aimed at curbing environmental impact and climate change, involves designing products for repair, reuse and recycling. This approach not only reduces waste but also lowers demand for raw materials, energy and fosters nature regeneration.Circularity extends beyond environmental benefits, embracing cost reduction and increased efficiency in the private and public sectors. It has the ability to fuel innovation, creating jobs and new industries. McKinsey’s 2015 estimate projected a €1.8 trillion economic benefit in Europe by 2030, with potential for 200,000 new jobs in the UK.This webinar explores how embracing circularity contributes to local economic growth, offering insights from community leaders and experts. Learn how cities and regions can implement circular strategies, promoting prosperity and enhancing quality of life with real-world examples. Click here to register.Speakers include:

  • Luis Medina-Montoya Hellgren, Former General Director of Environment & Sustainability at the City of Málaga; Representative on the National Waste Coordination Commission at FEMP (Spanish Federation of Cities and Provinces)
  • Peter Portheine, Director, Eindhoven International Project Office; Strategic Advisor, Intelligent Community Forum
  • Rebecca Ricketts, Circular Glasgow Senior Project Advisor; Grounds for Recycling Lead
  • Alexander Schmidt, CEO and Founder, BABLE Smart Cities
  • Tamlyn Shimizu, Global Partnerships & Communications Lead, BABLE Smart Cities (Moderator)
  • Robert Bell, Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum

January 11, 2024 at 8:00am - 9am | Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Online Webinar
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