Speaker Series: Not all "Smart Cities" are Intelligent

A walk through Masdar City in the UAE or Songdo in South Korea tells the tale instantly. They are physically there, but there is no there there. These cities are packed with advanced technology and branded as futuristic. But where are the people? Where is its soul? They may be nice places to visit, but would you live there? What can make them livable, sustainable and great places to live in? Contrast that with places like Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Espoo in Finland, Sunshine Coast in Australia, Curitiba in Brazil and Dublin, Ohio, all top-ranked Intelligent Communities. In Canada, we do not need to look far. Check out Stratford, Fredericton, Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal, Markham and Quebec City, all are top performers in the ranking of Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities.

John G. Jung, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Intelligent Community Forum, headquartered in New York City, will provide an overview of where Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities are today and provide recommendations on what urbanists, technologists and developers should be focusing on to make their communities truly smart, intelligent and livable.

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