Matchmaking Day

June 11, 2019

Register to benefit from an exclusive, all-day economic development program that will add real results to your attendance at the 2019 Global Summit in New York City. What can you expect?

Communities and Other Attendees

ICF has set aside a full day aimed at connecting your community with business leads interested in potential opportunities to invest in your community and its companies, expand their operations or establish a facility. We will invite and pre-qualify targeted leads to meet with community representatives including Mayors, CAOs, CIOs and economic development officials on opportunities including:

  • Smart infrastructure and applications investments in your community, from mobility and LED lighting to smart buildings, smart grids, autonomous vehicles, and healthcare, security and cybersecurity technologies.
  • Investment attraction in your start-up ecosystem through soft-landing programs or economic development missions.
  • Site location for branch operations or sales offices, and strategic partnerships with local companies, research organizations and nonprofits.

Business Leads

ICF will connect you with community leaders from around the world interested in learning about smart infrastructure solutions and your investment and business expansion needs. Attending will be top representatives of ICF’s Smart21 and Top7 Intelligent Communities as well as other aspiring communities, universities and research organizations and businesses. Matchmaking Day offers an opportunity for serious exploration of opportunities to:

  • Develop technology projects meeting the needs of advanced cities and counties in multiple nations.
  • Identify attract locations for expansion, from a single development or sales office to a full branch operation.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with companies and educational and research institutions offering unique expertise as well as market access.


ICF will assist you with planning and will pre-arrange meetings between communities, attendees and business leads that last for 30 minutes. Once a community, attendee or lead is registered, their interests will be identified and matched prior to the meeting. General information about the community and the lead will be shared in confidence with their representatives, but contact names will not be shared until the lead and community are introduced at the matchmaking event, except by special request of the lead. A meeting time and location at the ICF Matchmaking Day event space will be scheduled and ICF staff will introduce the community to the lead at the event at the appointed time. After the initial meeting, follow-up conversations can take place during the rest of the Summit and afterward, including such steps as a visit to the local community by the lead or a visit by a community representative to the company’s headquarters. 

In addition to the one-on-one private meetings, communities and leads can participate in a parallel conference program. It offers education on doing business in the countries and cities represented at the event on topics including work visas, spousal work restrictions, taxes and legal requirements, human resources, schools, housing and incentives. Business and technology briefings from leads will introduce their products and services to communities and other attendees.  We expect a special focus on the new Amazon HQs in New York City and Arlington, which have both qualified with ICF as Intelligent Communities 


To register as a lead, please contact Matthew Owen at ICF. Registration for communities and attendees can be completed at this link.

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