Top7 Communities of 2020 Announcement in Taoyuan

Each year, the Intelligent Community Forum names the world’s most Intelligent Community.

After the Smart21 Announcement this October in Rochester, NY, the process continues with the announcement of the Top7 Communities of the Year, finalists for the award. This year's Top7 Announcement takes place in Taoyuan, Taiwan, the 2019 Intelligent Community of the Year.

Before being named Intelligent Community of the Year, Taoyuan was a well-known veteran of the Intelligent Community Awards program, having been previously named a ten-time Smart21 Community and a four-time Top7 Community since first entering the program in 2009. Taoyuan’s proximity to the Taipei Metropolitan Area has led to major investments in such public utilities as Taiwan’s largest international airport and the 2017 Taoyuan MRT Airport Line, which speeds connections between the city’s high-speed rail station and the airport. These, in turn, have driven rapid development in Taoyuan City, which has attracted a large number of new residents from other cities and countries.

Taoyuan is the largest industrial science and technology city in Taiwan. More than one-third of Taiwan’s top 500 manufacturing industries have set up factories in Taoyuan. The industrial output value of about 2.87 trillion NTD has led all Taiwanese cities for 14 consecutive years. The population is a fusion of many ethnic groups such as Minnan, Hakka and Aboriginal people. Because of the industrial development, Taoyuan is also the municipality with the largest number of foreign workers from Southeast Asia and the largest number of Vietnamese new residents. More about Taoyuan.



February 10, 2020 at 10pm - 11pm | Taipei

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