2024 Top7 Conference and Announcement


The 2024 NTPC Smart City forum will be held in New Taipei City, Taiwan, hosted by the New Taipei City Government in association with the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). With the theme of “AI: The Innovation Accelerator,” the forum will explore how artificial intelligence has contributed to economic growth, sustainability, and human welfare.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, the explosive development of AI has attracted global attention and raised concerns about the job market and social structure. However, as artificial intelligence becomes part of the technologies we use every day, it will offer countless opportunities for cities and regions to accelerate economic growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the quality of life at the local level.

The forum will feature exciting presentations and panel discussions from international city leaders, relevant organizational leaders, and Taiwan’s industry representatives. Together, we will explore across disciplines, cities, and borders that promote the benefits of artificial intelligence in public policies, technological advancements, and urban development strategies. The program will conclude with the ICF Top7 Global Cities Announcement of the Year.

Featured speakers include:

Berry Vrbanovic
Mayor of Kitchener,
Ontario, Canada

Chris Amorose Groomes
Mayor of Dublin,
Ohio, USA

Mark Jamieson
Former Mayor of Sunshine Coast,
Queensland, Australia

Alexander Schmidt
Founder and CEO,
BABLE Smart Cities

Antonio Carvalho e Silva Neto
National Association of the Brazilian Municipalities’ Innovation Secretaries

Participation is freeRegister at: https://smartcity.ntpc.gov.tw/forum/index.html

Watch this video to see more about New Taipei City:

Conference Agenda

6/19 (Wed) - Smart City Forum and Top7 Awards Dinner

Venue: Wishful AB, 2nd Floor, Hilton Taipei Sinban - No.88 Minquan Rd, Banqiao District New Taipei City, 22050, Taiwan

Forum Sessions

09:30 - Registration

10:00 - Conference Opening

  • John Jung, Chairman and Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum

10:10 - New Taipei City Welcome 

  • Representative of NTPC Government

10:50 - AI in the Intelligent Community

  • Robert Bell, Co-Founder, Intelligent Community Forum

11:10 - Keynote: Dublin, Ohio, USA

  • Mayor Chris Amorose Groomes

11:30 - Keynote: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

  • Mark Jamieson, Former Mayor of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

11:50 - Conclusion

12:00 - Lunch & Exhibit Networking

13:30 - Keynote: Kitchener-Waterloo Innovation 

  • Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, Kitchener, Ontario, Canad

13:50 - Keynote: Smart and Intelligent Cities in Brazil 

  • Antonio Carvalho, CEO, National Association of Brazilian Cities Innovation Secretaries

14:10 - Keynote: European Smart Cities

  • Alexander Schmidt, Founder & CEO, BABLE Smart Cities

14:30 - Tea Break

15:00 - Panel: Smart Cities Toward Net Zero

  • Jeremiah Garcia, Director of Economic Development, Dublin, Ohio, USA
  • Deputy Magistrate Hsieh Shu-Ya, Yunlin County, Taiwan
  • Councilor Alba Monteiro Gil, Laz Rozas de Madrid, Spain
  • James Yeh, ICF Institute in Taiwan
  • Robert Bell, co-founder, ICF (moderator)

15:40 - Panel: Smart Deployment - Living and Working in Peace in Taiwan

  • Peter Hu Executive Vice President, Information & Digital Transformation Technology, Far EasTone Telecommunications
  • Jeff Lee, Senior Vice President, LUXGEN Motor
  • Peter Wu, CEO, ASUS Cloud & TWSC
  • Jay Su, Business Group Director, Building Automation Business Group, Delta Electronics
  • Professor Lin Feng-Tyan, Department of Urban Planning, NCKU (moderator)

16:20 - Closing Remarks

  • John Jung, co-founder, ICF
  • Robert Bell, co-founder, ICF

17:30 to 19:30 - 2024 Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year Announcement Dinner

6/20 (Thu) - City Tour and Evening Networking Dinner

More schedule details and confirmed speakers to be announced shortly. Watch this page for updates!


New Taipei City, Taiwan

The organizer reserves the right to make final modifications, changes, explanations, and cancellations of the event.

June 19, 2024 at 9:30am - June 20, 2024
New Taipei City, Taiwan