Transportation Tour at the Taiwan Virtual Trade Mission – B2B Topic Tours @ SCSE 2021

For our final tour, we look at two Taiwanese transportation companies worth learning about.

One of the most daunting challenges are urban centers is managing parking. Taiwan International Development (TID) has developed a new innovative parking management service currently used in Tainan and Pingtung.  Using IOT sensors, TID's system collects users’ parking and consumption data for analysis in order to provide information for future policies, such as parking pricing rate or urban area planning.

AAEON's intelligent smart pole system in Taoyuan City has successfully improved 8% power saving efficiency and lowered the repair rate to 3%. Furthermore, AAEON integrates sensors, wireless technology and management systems for people counting, direction detection, vehicle classification, license plate recognition and traffic violation detection to improve the management of transportation safety. Overseas markets include Philippines and Poland.

For more details about TID and AAEON, please watch the sixth episode of the Virtual Topic Tour—Transportation. You can register to watch the full tours here:

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