5G and EV Charging Tour at the Taiwan Virtual Trade Mission – B2B Topic Tours @ SCSE 2021

A real 5G smart factory case study from Inventec, a leading ODM of laptops, servers and wireless communications products. Inventec has deploy 5G service at their own factory which increasing auto-inspection accuracy to over 90%, improving SMT First Pass Yield to over 85%, and reducing re-inspection labor force by 50%.

Starting from California, US, Noodoe provides the EV charging stations and operating system platform for their partners, like Sheraton, Hilton, etc to offer EV charging services for their customers, and then brings their experiences back to Taiwan and extends the services to Taitung, Taipei and Taichung cities. Now they are ready to explore more global partners.

For more details about Inventec and Noodoe, please watch the second episode of the Virtual Topic Tour—5G and EV charging. 

This Virtual Trade Mission brings you on a tour to meet 17 smart city solution providers from Taiwan, and a chance to connect with them! Register Now >>>

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