“Intelligent Community?” What’s that? What’s this “journey” and where does it lead?

Those are good questions.

This journey is for every town, city or county that is serious about making itself a better place to live. You may call it something else: “becoming a Smart City” or “place making” or “revitalization.” But your journey truly begins when you understand that the usual moves – offering development lots, installing technology or rebuilding downtown – can only take you part of the way.

The rest of the journey is about preparing the community to prosper in this confusing, risky, exciting and enriching digital century. It is about building competitive advantages that work regardless of location or population. It is about creating the factors that make for lasting economic and community growth today and in the years ahead.  

What’s Next?

Your community has probably started its journey already – and ICF can help you accelerate it.

Learn what is possible

Learn from hundreds of cities and counties that have made the journey and energize your economic and community development strategy from their experience.

Stylized-2.jpgBuild your strategy on a strong framework

The Community Accelerator Strategy can save you years of effort by offering a solid, evidence-based framework to build on.

Stylized-3.jpgAssess your potential and progress

See how your community’s present potential and progress compares with hundreds of others in ICF’s global database.  Low-cost Assessment Reports make clear your strengths, challenges and competitiveness in today’s economy.

Stylized-4.jpgTrain your people and partners

Learn how to implement the Accelerator Strategy through self-paced, online courses and hybrid online/live workshops. Accelerator training puts your leaders, staff and external partners on the same page to accelerate your progress.

Stylized-5.jpgLearn from communities facing similar challenges

Become a community member of the Intelligent Community Forum and gain personalized advice and assistance from our staff, with the opportunity to learn from other communities and collaborate in economic development.

Stylized-6.jpgCertify your community

Join the cities and counties that have received Intelligent Community Certification, an economic development credential that validates your community as investment-ready and prepared to prosper.

Stylized-7.jpgWin an award

Gain global recognition for your achievements by entering your assessment questionnaire in the annual Intelligent Community Awards and compete for a place as a Smart21, Top7 or Intelligent Community of the Year.

Header photo by Joey Kyber on Unsplash