Agriculture Tour at the Taiwan Virtual Trade Mission – B2B Topic Tours @ SCSE 2021

No need to worry about the constant threat from extreme weather and natural disasters which caused huge damages. Quadlink has developed an IoT water quality control monitoring system and helped increased the fish farming production by 20% and reduced power consumption by 30% averagely in 8 cities in Taiwan. Quadlink also serves overseas markets in Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines.

Using agricultural drones to enhance the efficiency of farm management in Tainan and Chaiyi City is GEOSAT. GEOSAT's work with integrating the AI, image recognition and sensors into the drones has successfully shortened the working time from a half day to 10 minutes and covered 60 times more land areas. GEOSAT has also expanded beyond Taiwan and into other South East markets, including Malaysia.

How can a Pingtung based dragon fruit farm can export their planting solution to Indonesia? Integrating human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI), U-Sync. Internet Services has built a Crop’s digital twin platform to provide “whole tech-farm migration plan” in order to enhance the efficiency of farm management for big scale of lands and lots of farmers.

Finally, learn about a comprehensive smart agriculture solution provided by CHT, the leading mobile operator in Taiwan. This platform includes low power and low cost network connectivity sensors to collect key environment parameters, in-house AI model and big data analytics to generate advisories on crop rotation, optimal planting times, harvesting times and soil management.

For more details about Quadlink, GEOSAT, U-Sync and CHT, please watch the third episode of the Virtual Topic Tour—Agriculture.

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