Assess and Improve Your Community

ICF offers analytical tools and professional guidance to help city and regional leaders find the path to growing their economies, societies and cultures amid the disruptions of the digital age. 

Assess your community

Intelligent Communities come in all sizes, from megacities like New York and Singapore to rural counties of 10,000 people. We believe that the digital age offers immense new opportunities to the small-to-midsize community to create dynamic, innovative economies that fully participate in global growth. ICF’s assessment avoids favoring big cities for their greater size and scale, and gives midsize and small communities an equal chance to succeed.  Learn more →

Improve your community

Creating positive change is hard. It takes vision, plenty of determination and even more patience. ICF offers tools to help ensure that your strategy is comprehensive and sound, that you are executing it well, and that you manage the unintended consequences that come with every effort to change.  Learn more →

Connect with communities

We invite individuals and organizations to become members of ICF.  Individual membership is free and provides you with a stream of content delivered to your inbox.  Organizational membership is available to local and regional governments, public-private corporations, nonprofit institutions and for-profit companies.  Learn more →

Intelligent Community Awards

Each year, the Intelligent Community Forum presents an awards program for Intelligent Communities and the public-sector and private-sector partners who contribute to them. It provides communities with a platform for attracting international attention, stimulating inward investment and building public support for progress. Nominate your community →