Future Cities

Designing Better, Smarter, More Sustainable and Secure Cities


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Edited by Dr. Joseph N. Pelton and Dr. Indu Singh

"This book is about the future. More precisely it is about the future of cities and how they ultimately shape the future of our planet. The predominant influence of cities comes from many sources. It is here that the majority of all humans live. It is here that new technologies and major scientific discoveries and inventions arise. It is here that new strategies for sustainable development, renewable energy, and combating climate change arise. These communities — with their enhanced systems, their new technology, and their new ways of re-inventing the urban experience — will influence global evolution, spur technological advancement and redefine the human experience in the 21st century. The future city is about human potential and overcoming the challenges that face Homo Sapiens at this critical time of our evolution. With each decade the challenges only seem to escalate."

The Evolution of Urban Communities

In Future Cities, three authors – futurists, urban experts and systems architects – consider how the demands of the 21st Century will reshape the places where half of the world’s population lives. From the history of urban development to the challenges of climate change and terrorism, they show how technology advances have shaped cities and how the demands of urban living will drive major improvements in energy use, transportation, communications, public safety, security, and human welfare. They challenge policymakers to incorporate the new tools of urban development into their thinking – but even more importantly, to understand the urgent need for a new approach to economic growth, one that severs the ties between production and pollution, between urbanization and degraded quality of life, and between greater individual liberty and increased vulnerability to threat.

Pelton-Robinson-Singh_180.gifDr. Joseph Pelton (left) is the award-winning author of over 25 books related to the future and the impacts of technology. He is the former Dean of the International Space University and former head of Strategic Policy at Intelsat.

Christine Robinson (center), award-winning author, is internationally recognized for her contributions to Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Emergency Preparedness-Disaster Recovery.

Dr. Indu Singh (right) is a Director of Deloitte Consulting and former Managing Director of the Bearing Point Corporation. He and his team have extensive experience in designing and implementing Smart Cities around the world.

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