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Chunghwa-Tel-Logo-140.gifChunghwa Telecom. Prior to our formation, we were operating as a business unit of the Directorate General of Telecommunications. Today, we are the largest full telecommunication service provider in Taiwan. On the ICT front, our services primarily cover cloud computing, information security, IoT such as intelligent energy-saving diagnostics, and ICT total solutions, while also significantly improving the operational efficiency for our enterprise and government clients. These projects have allowed us to quickly obtain expertise and experience in servicing large-scale projects, while exploring new business opportunities. Our strong vision and execution capabilities in the cloud arena was recently recognized by International Data Corporation (“IDC”), which ranked Chunghwa Telecom as the top domestic cloud technology company in Taiwan. Driven by this mission, we strive to further facilitate the seamless flow of data throughout Taiwan through our “Multi Devices on One Integrated Platform” or “Multi-Screen, One-Cloud” development strategy. We always primarily focus on enhancing our core services of broadband connection and mobile internet including broadband VAS, mobile VAS, cloud and ICT business. In spite of regulatory and competitive difficulties, we remain encouraged by the tremendous growth opportunities taking place in today’s evolving digital world. We aim to be the key telecommunications hub for customers and businesses throughout Taiwan, providing them unmatched speed and reliability in instantly accessing the internet network in the most seamless way possible via any device, any location, and at any time, further empowering our customers in their digital lives.

GreaterColumbusArtsCouncil.pngThrough vision and leadership, advocacy and collaboration, the Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) supports art and advances the culture of the region. A catalyst for excellence and innovation, the Arts Council funds exemplary artists and arts organizations and provides programs, events and services of public value that educate and engage all audiences in our community. Recently increased funding from the City of Columbus is helping the Arts Council build an even more vibrant creative community in Central Ohio. The Arts Council provides grant programs for cultural organizations, artists, and neighborhood groups, offers a crowd-funding platform for arts and cultural projects, and collaborates with public, private and civic entities city-wide. The Arts Council also produces the annual free Columbus Arts Festival, featuring nearly 300 national and international fine art and craft artists, and bringing more than 400,000 people to the Columbus riverfront to enjoy the beautiful Scioto Mile and downtown parks. www.gcac.org.

ColumbusRegion.jpgHome to 15 Fortune 1000 headquarters and two million people, the Columbus Region is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S. More than 60 Columbus Region campuses produce over 20,000 graduates each year, fueling an uncommonly talented and educated workforce. The youthful, progressive nature found in Central Ohio is matched by the stability of a diverse economic base. With no single industry representing more than 17 percent of overall employment, the Columbus Region offers a secure environment for growth. Sectors driving economic vitality include manufacturing, logistics, science and technology, headquarters and business services, agbioscience and international business. Columbus 2020 is the regional economic development organization that serves as the business location resource for the 11-county Columbus Region. The organization’s mission is to generate opportunity and build capacity for economic growth throughout Central Ohio. Visit columbusregion.com to learn more.

IDIPCLOGO.jpgThe Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee of Taichung City was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1960 when Taiwan first started its industrialization process, along with all 25 cities and counties under its supervision and support. In order to promote economic development, the central government of the Republic of China on Taiwan first drafted a 19-item financial Reform Program under which an investment research committee was formed which later became the Investment Promotion Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The bureau saw the need for local governments to join in the efforts in the improvement of the overall investment climate/environment in its administrative regions so that private investors can acquire resources to help them grow. Thus, under the strong support of Dr. K.T. Li at U.S. Aid Program Committee, the Taichung industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee was formally established on Sept. 8, 1960, with its services mainly concentrated in the industrial/manufacturing area. Later in 2002, owing to the strong and fast development of service industry in Taichung and also some other cities, the Economic Affairs Ministry decided to expand the service of the IDIPC to cover the service industry sector and thus became the Industrial and Commercial Development & Investment Promotion Committee. Then in 2011, due to the merge of the Taichung City and County, the two separate IDIPC of Taichung City and Taichung County also merged to be one united office with 2 branches to continue its much needed and welcome services to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises mainly, and promotion and improvement of the city’s overall investment climate and conditions until this date.

Oulu_cons.jpgBusinessOulu takes pride in the services offered to encourage and support entrepreneurs in the Oulu region in Finland. BusinessOulu offers entrepreneurs an advanced high-tech ecosystem as a foundation for new ventures. The outlook for the economy and entrepreneurship in Northern Scandinavia and the Barents region is very positive. The most significant investments are currently being made in Northern Finland. Increased investment in construction, mining, logistics, energy, industry, tourism, and the creative sector and many other industry sectors have contributed to a stable economy. BusinessOulu is responsible for implementing the City of Oulu's economic development policies, providing companies with development services according to the principles outlined by the City Council and City Board. The Oulu region has 250,000 inhabitants with an average age of 34.5, which makes it the youngest region in Finland. BusinessOulu promotes the growth of regional companies and implements the international business marketing plan for Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia.

Stratford-Logo-150.gifThe City of Stratford is a community of 32,000 people that has always been the living embodiment of its motto, “Industry and Arts,” as manufacturing and tourism have always formed the basis of the City’s economy. The Stratford Festival has been a vital part of Stratford’s economic and cultural landscape since its inaugural season in 1953, and has shaped the City into what it is today. In recent years, Stratford has diversified its economy by attracting digital media industries. Assets include a 60 kilometre buried fibre optic cable network that offers 1 gigabyte per second connections to 125 locations, along with a 300-hub Wi-Fi network. This investment in broadband connectivity has enabled two of Canada’s major financial institutions to locate their IT and Data facilities in Stratford. In 2010, University of Waterloo opened a Stratford Campus which offers a prestigious digital media program. In 2013, the Stratford Accelerator Center was established to foster the growth of local digital media companies. Investments in digital infrastructure and education have helped to designate Stratford as one of ICF’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities for three consecutive years. RBC Royal Bank is the largest financial institution in Canada, as measured by deposits, revenues, and market capitalization. The bank serves 18 million clients and has 80,100 employees worldwide. The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus is a collaborative, strategic partnership between the City of Stratford and the University of Waterloo to bring students, leading researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs together to create, examine and commercialize opportunities in the digital media space.

TaoyuanLogo.jpgTaoyuan Aerotropolis: Gateway of Taiwan and to Asia. Be visionary, be brave, be fast! Taoyuan is the fastest growing city in Taiwan. Capitalizing on utilizing the sea-and-air intermodal advantages of its airport and Taipei Harbor, Taoyuan Aerotropolis will be developed as the Gateway of Taiwan and to Asia, aggregating flow of people, logistic, capital and information, constructing a new Asia Pacific trading hub and internationally rising city. Taoyuan Aerotropolis is the greatest national development plan after the Ten Major Infrastructure Projects. Centering at the Taoyuan Airport and the MRT stations, a brand new smart, green, ecological, resilient and international city will be formed. Enterprise Zones will be set up to enhance clustering of high value-added industries, whilst Free Economic Demonstration Zones will be facilitated for industry restructuring and upgrading in Taiwan. The Aerotropolis Project will create 300,000 new jobs and NT$2.3 trillion in revenue. It is also a milestone of industrial restructuring and innovation in Taiwan. Taoyuan Aerotropolis will bring up a new definition of modern city; it will be a city which our next generation will be pride of.

Vee_TIME_logo_B1.jpgVee TIME Corp is the system operator that offers Cable TV, IPTV, fiber broadband and 4G wireless broadband services in Taichung and Nantou. “People is Base and Service is Core”, Vee TIME Corp., started up as a Cable TV Operator in Taichung, Taiwan in 1998. When most of Cable TV Operators were still deployed HFC network by using coaxial cable, Vee TIME already deployed Fiber Optical as backhaul, plus few coaxial cables for its network infrastructure. To meet with the world digital convergence trend, Vee TIME acquired the Southern region of WiMAX license in 2007, and integrated its Telecom, Internet, Mobility and Entertainment services onto an all IP based cloud platform. Customers can receive contents and applications by using any devices, such as smart phone, tablet, TV, PC, game console, STB via fiber broadband and 4G wireless broadband anytime and anywhere. Today, we are the unique Quad-play Telecom operator in Taiwan. To extend more of our territory and reaches, we invested two 4G wireless broadband operators, VMAX Telecom and TaTung Telecom, to become the only nationwide 4G wireless broadband operator in Taiwan. Other than this, we also own the unique network infrastructure on Taiwan High Speed Rail. We deployed over 360KM fiber broadband and over 100 base stations along the track, and the technology of RoF(Radio over Fiber) to conquer the loss of signal in tunnels.

Waterfront-Toronto-Logo1.gifFormally created in 2001, Waterfront Toronto has a 25-year mandate to transform 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of brownfield lands on Toronto’s waterfront into beautiful, sustainable mixed-use communities and dynamic public spaces. The project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in North America and one of the largest waterfront redevelopment initiatives ever undertaken in the world. However, it is not just the sheer scale of the project that makes it unique. Waterfront Toronto is delivering a leading edge city-building model that seeks to place Toronto at the forefront of global cities in the 21st century. A primary objective of waterfront revitalization is to leverage the infrastructure project to deliver key economic and social benefits that enable Toronto to compete aggressively with other top tier global cities for investment, jobs and people. To do this, Waterfront Toronto brings together the most innovative approaches to sustainable development, excellence in urban design, real estate development, and advanced technology infrastructure.