Community Membership


Community membership entitles all employees of a town, city, or region to member participation in the Intelligent Community Forum. One or more designated Primary Contacts administer the membership, connect with ICF and arrange for payment of annual dues. 

Membership Benefits 

Curated networking
The communities and organizations in ICF’s network can help you access economic opportunity and apply proven solutions to the challenges you face. Share your objectives with ICF, and we will make introductions to learning partners, vendors and advisors who can contribute to your progress.  

Free access to Community Accelerator online training 
The Community Accelerator® online training courses give your leaders, staff and partners the tools they need to create the change they seek. Illustrated by case studies and videos, Accelerator training provides essential guidance in the Community Accelerator Strategy for economic and community development, based on the experience of 200 remarkable cities and regions around the world. Free access saves your community up to $700 per employee. 

Free access to ICF reports 
ICF publishes valuable reports on economic, workforce and community development, innovation policy, sustainability and much more. The entire library including updates is free to members in good standing. 

Discount access to Community Assessments
Gain a unique view of your community’s strengths, opportunities and challenges in the pursuit of sustainable, inclusive growth and quality of life. The Assessment compares your programs and policies with the full ICF data set of communities around the world. It maps specific areas of strength and weakness to help you set priorities and design programs. Members receive a 30% discount on the cost. 

Discount access to Intelligent Community Certification
ICF offers the world’s only certification pro­gram identifying cities, counties and regions that are investment-ready and prepared to prosper amid the challenges and opportunities of this digital century.  It provides economic devel­opment value, validation of the hard work of your community's innovators, and re­sources for continuous improvement. Members receive a 30% discount on the cost. 

Profile updates
For most communities, their profile on the ICF website is the only public record of the remarkable changes they have brought about and the programs and partnerships that have led to success.  ICF members receive annual reminders to keep their profiles up to date as economic development tools.  

Additional discounts

  • 50% discount on registration to ICF events including the annual Summit and award announcement conferences.
  • 30% discount on content and event sponsorships.
  • 20% discount on in-person Community Accelerator workshops, coaching and consulting engagements.

Annual Membership Dues

  • Population up to 50 000: US$1500
  • Population 50 001 to 500 000: US$3000
  • Population over 500 000: US$5000


To discuss Community Membership, contact Matthew Owen at +1 646-291-6166 ext 105 or [email protected].

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