Community Membership

Community Membership

Community membership entitles a town, city, or region and all of its employees to membership and all of its included benefits. One or more designated Primary Contacts administer the membership on behalf of the community, and the community is responsible for paying the annual dues for the membership.

Membership Benefits 

Curated networking through ICF with communities and organizations that can create economic opportunity, offer advice and share best practices

Free access using your unique member code to ICF reports on economic, workforce and community development, innovation policy, sustainability and much more. Click here to request your code.

Free access using your unique member code to the online Community Accelerator training courses for leaders, staff, partner organizations and community volunteers. Click here to request your code.

Discounts on events, services and sponsorships, including – 

  • 50% discount on registration to ICF events including the annual Summit and award announcement conferences
  • 30% discount on performance reports on your community’s Intelligent Community readiness and performance
  • 30% discount on content and event sponsorships
  • 20% discount on in-person Community Accelerator services

Member-only participation as presenters in in-person and online events, in which member communities, companies and nonprofits present innovative solutions to challenges in connectivity, workforce development, innovation, engagement, digital inclusion and sustainability. They are marketed to the full ICF network and through channel partners.   

Annual Membership Dues

  • Population up to 50 000: US$1500
  • Population 50 001 to 500 000: US$3000
  • Population over 500 000: US$5000


To discuss Community Membership, contact Matthew Owen at +1 646-291-6166 ext 105 or [email protected].

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