Education Tour at the Taiwan Virtual Trade Mission – B2B Topic Tours @ SCSE 2021

Coding for IoT applications is just like building blocks. Webduino has developed a platform for students in schools to step in technology programs, easy as 123. Adopted by Education Bureau in Kaohsiung city in 2019 and has expanded to 22 cities, 400+ schools and 300k users in Taiwan.

Making language learning a fun and interesting thing by interactive, immersive and customized programs. Starting from Taichung city, LiveABC successfully built a language learning friendly environment covering 7 cities, 34 schools and 186 real life scenarios in Taiwan and Korea is the first step for oversea markets.   

For more details about Webduino and LiveABC, please watch the first episode of the Virtual Topic Tour—Education.

This Virtual Trade Mission brings you on a tour to meet 17 smart city solution providers from Taiwan, and a chance to connect with them! Register Now >>>

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