Healthcare Tour at the Taiwan Virtual Trade Mission – B2B Topic Tours @ SCSE 2021

For our next tour, we look at three Taiwanese healthcare companies worth learning about. 

Pintung County, which has the highest elderly population rate in Taiwan, has a need for the development of a solution for missing elderly persons. Enter Fashion Intelligence, which has expanded their precise positioning, intelligent care and monitor services. Fashion intelligence already has an international presence beyond Taiwan, including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. This solution is also a Covid-19 responsive solution that they develop geo fencing control function.

Of course, a concern with an aging population is dementia. It has been shown that doing exercises - both physical and mental - help to keep dementia away. “AI-LOHAS” Health Club by IdeaBus provides a total solution including brain activation, muscles strengthening, hand-eye coordination and full body exercise. Already with a strong presence in Taiwan, such as in cities like New Taipei and Tainan, Ideabus also has been working with care centers for the elderly in Hong Kong.

With the medical service know-how from Pingtung Christian Hospital, AdvMeds has integrated medical & ICT solutions to delivery good quality service for long-term care for the elders. Creation of a health life ecosystem is its strength, as it works to connect hospitals, the elderly, and their families. Already serving Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Penghu in Taiwan, AdvMeds also serves in 18 more cities in south east countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

For more details about Fashion Intelligence, IdeaBus and AdvMeds, please watch the fifth episode of the Virtual Topic Tour—Healthcare. You can register to watch the full tours here:

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